Monday, October 3, 2011

A Week End With Jameson

When we last saw our hero I was dropping her off at the St Louis Airport on Monday morning with plans to pick her up at O'Hare in Chicago on Thursday evening. So on Wednesday I drove the RV to Joliet and Leisure Lake Membership Resort.


Our campsite and view out the front window. Leisure Lake is a membership campground but they keep a number of sites open for short term stays. It is a nice park and is generally clean and well maintained but can get crowded and slightly rowdy on the major holiday weekends. Otherwise it is a nice place to stay.

After picking up Cindy we went to Portillo’s for dinner. We really enjoy their Italian Beef Sandwich and Chocolate cake. They are located all around the Chicago area and I have not seen them anywhere else. Our daughter in law Leah took us to one on one of our first visits to the area and it has become a favorite for a quick and good meal.

Friday morning we picked up Jameson at Trevor and Leah’s. They were going with another couple to see friends of theirs that had move to Minnesota to coach football. So we had the honor of taking care of Jameson Friday, Saturday, and most of Sunday.


Jameson is such an easy baby to care for … We and the kids are very blessed to have such an easy going baby!!


While Cindy worked via phone and pc, Jameson and I watched college football, drank coffee and studied the maps looking for those elusive shortcuts. Cindy did eventually get me out of the chair and we took Jameson and the dogs for a walk around the lake. But first we had to figure out how to assemble the stroller. Here we go showing our age we can’t even figure out how to use a stroller! We eventually got it and had a nice walk that we repeated a number of times over the weekend.


Eventually Cindy was able to pry Jameson away from me for a turn with the baby!

Sunday afternoon I delivered Cindy back to O’Hare before dropping Jameson off at Trevor and Leah’s. I was not keen on the idea of driving from the airport to their house with Jameson alone in the backseat. I was worried about him getting upset or needing attention during the 45 minute drive, but again he was calm and slept most of the way.

So ends a happy weekend with the grandbaby!

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