Monday, September 26, 2011

A Visit From Good Friends

After the Christening, Cindy returned to work in Farmington Hills and on Monday I drove home to Quincy for a week of appointments. I had eye and doctor appointments and the dogs had a grooming appointment . Then on Thursday evening I drove to St. Louis to pick up Cindy. On Friday we got our chores done in anticipation of visits from our son and daughter-in-law Kyle and Jenni, and from our good friends Jim and Dee.

Kyle and Jenni were in town to participate in a fund raiser sponsored by Jenni’s parents and to see Jenni’s brothers. Jim and Dee came to see us since we were not going to be able to see them later in the year. We had both planned to meet at “camping with Lisa” in October but for both of us it was no longer possible. Camping with Lisa is a blast, I am going to miss seeing everyone there. Lisa and Tony are great hosts and even better people.

Jim and Dee arrived late morning on Saturday. After chatting over home made chicken and wild rice soup we took Jim and Dee for a tour of Quincy. Being history buffs they seemed to really enjoyed visiting the site of one of the Lincoln Douglas Debates.


Another highlight for Dee was a tour of the golf course. Out our backdoor is a public golf course and Dee had never been on a golf course before. We walked two holes showing her the tees, fairways, rough, and greens. She got the biggest kick out of the ball washer. You gotta know Dee!


To end the day we played a game of hand and foot, where Dee and I allowed Cindy and Jim to slaughter us. Here is a picture of Jim and Cindy plotting our demise!


We had a great visit and after breakfast we said goodbye to Jim and Dee and later in the day Kyle and Jenni. Then to bed early as Cindy was flying out of St. Louis on early Monday morning. Alarms set for 4:30 AM.


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