Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cincinnati, Detroit, Chicago, con’t … Jameson Christening

After setting up at Leisure Lake Trevor stopped by with grandbaby Jameson.


As you can see Grandma was ecstatic! Jameson changes so much between visits, he is quickly becoming a little boy!

We spent the day catching up with Trevor and spoiling Jameson!

On Saturday we went to stock up on groceries and on the way we saw the Goodyear blimp at the Joliet Airport. Besides the big event of Jameson’s Christening the area was also hosting the lesser events of a pro golf tournament and a Nascar race.


On the way to Chicago this weekend I saw the Met Life blimp struggling in the wind. It was vacillating between nose up and nose down and moving side to side. Needless to say it did not look like the comfortable floating on the air image we all have.

Sunday morning we Christened Jameson.


Then had a get together at Grandma Amy’s house.


Near the end of the day Trevor and I delivered Cindy to the airport so she could return to Farmington Hills…Of course her flight was delayed! We received a message that the flight was delayed as we were entering the departure lanes at the airport. She decided to wait it out and only had to wait a couple of hours.

I returned to the RV for the night, driving back to Quincy the next morning.


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