Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cincinnati, Detroit, Chicago, con’t

On Wednesday afternoon Cindy got to the RV in mid afternoon so we packed up leaving the Cincinnati area and headed for Detroit area. She had an appointment in Farmington Hills near Detroit early in the afternoon on Thursday and again Friday morning. We had planned to drive most of the way Thursday afternoon and evening and stop at a truck stop (again) driving the balance in the morning. At about dark we found a Flying J that had a large parking lot off to the side for RVs.

When your tried and hungry is when you make mistakes. At the Flying J I grabbed the wrong pump putting unleaded fuel in the diesel tank. When I realized my mistake I was sick. We spent the next several hours getting the tank pumped out and refueling with diesel. One good thing was that I realized my mistake before I started the engine, therefore the filters and fuel lines were all ok. The worst part about the whole thing was that after we were done with the RV and were parked in the Flying J, Cindy was unable to get any sleep because of the worry and the noise. One thing I learned was that Coach net emergency road side assistance only covers mechanical beak downs. Now I have Good Sam emergency road side assistance and they said the towing would have been covered.

Shortly after daylight we drove the rest of the way to Farmington Hills and parked the RV at Haas Lake Park. We had time to get cleaned up and meet our neighbors before I drove Cindy to her meeting. Shame on me but I went back to the RV and slept till she called for a ride. Friday the meetings were over at noon so we again hit the road to get ahead of the traffic heading for Chicago.

The campground that we stay at in the Chicago area is actually in Shorwood and is called Leisure Lake. It is a membership campground, but have spaces for rent like a normal campground. It is a gated campground with the office closing at 7:00 and we knew when we left Haas Lake that it would be unlikely that we could get there before they closed. We spent the night at a small campground call Kamp Across From the Dunes in Sawyer MI. arriving early enough to drive to the dunes and site see a bit.


These are some of the dunes along the shore of Lake Michigan and the beach area. We had stayed at the Indiana Dunes State Park a few years ago and this area is very similar. Both are beautiful areas. For dinner, the campground owner recommended a café in the next town just a couple of miles up the road. The name escapes me but the food was excellent and inexpensive, the pie was so good that after sharing a piece we decided that I needed to take a piece back to the RV for a late night snack.

Saturday morning we drove on to Chicago. To our surprise all four lanes on I80 were open making it a easy drive. Later we learned that they had opened I80 for the weekend because of the NASCAR race and the BMW golf tournament that weekend.

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