Thursday, September 8, 2011

Here We Go!

Since Cindy has gone back to work, I have been placed in charge of the blog. As many of you know I am a terrible speller (I was in Sixth Grade when I learned that it was not git but get) and a hunt and peck typer. So please be patient as it may take me awhile to get the blog going again.

Here We Go!

Cindy began work traveling to Cincinnati for a few days for her orientation and to pick up her work computer and cell phone. After that she spent three weeks in West Palm Beach, and now we are in Cincinnati. At first I stayed home because it did not make sense to travel with her. I would drive her to St Louis to catch her plane on Monday morning and then pick her up late night on Thursday. I also took the RV Beaver Dam State Park to work on Kyle's House while Cindy was away. Now she was sent back to Cincinnati to help on a project here. This time it worked for us to travel with the RV. We left Quincy on Labor Day Sunday spending the night at a Pilot and arriving in Cincinnati Monday afternoon, giving us plenty of time to set up and familiarize ourselves with the area.

Our site at Olive Branch Campground in Oregonia, Ohio

The campground here is just north and east of Cincinnati and Cindy's two work locations are both on the north side of Cincinnati making it a twenty minute drive to work. Nice campground with gravel sites and friendly people.

Since Cindy's last blog we have had visits from both of our sons and daughters in law. The weekend we left Kyle and Jenni were in town for Kyles' 10 year High School Reunion. They had a lot of fun at the reunion and football game. One of the bad things about returning to a work schedule was leaving town while Kyle and Jenni were still at the house and shorting our time together.

The weekend prior to that Trevor and Leah brought Jameson to Quincy to meet his relatives here.

Notice that Aunt Shelia is holding Jameson.. He had lots of loving that day!

While Trevor and Leah slept in the mornings Jameson and Grandpa watched and talked about the humming bird feeding on our flowers and listened to the turtle dove coo to us from the neighbors roof.

Grandma time! Both of them with smiles!

Just too precious!

It took me most of the afternoon to write this blog because I did it all in blogger. I had forgotten how to use live writer and upload the pictures to/from there. I will have to spend some time re-learning them and figure out how to do links etc. I will get it figured out and promise better blogs in the future. For now Cindy seems to like her work and I can relax in the RV and visit with the neighbors. We will be here for two weeks then onto Chicago for Jameson's Christening.

Thank God for spell check...Ken F

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Myrddin said...

Hey Ken,

I use spell checker all the time!! : )


Jim and Dee said...

It's so good to see something posted. We think of you a lot. Have fun with the travels. At least you have your own bed/bathroom and are with each other. See you soon.

Jenny Johnson said...

I never use spell check -- I just figger if it looks rite it is write -- if it's rong it's rong--

Great blog keep up the good work--

Looking forward to Defeated in a few weeks -- hoping you guys will be able to make it....