Monday, September 29, 2008

First Conference Game 9-27-08 and Wedding too!

Jacksonville State was voted to finish in front of us at the yearly coaches meeting. It was a close vote but the game was never close. JSU's offense is tauted to be a high powered scoring machine. While their defense was supposed to be suspect. JSU only scored 23 points against EIU's defense and EIU's defense scored 10 against JSU. EIU's defense blocked a punt and ran it in for a score and intercepted a pass for a field goal. EIU's offense fell into its' rut. When things are not going well they throw two yard passes when they need four yards or they throw to the flats when receivers are open down field. Since I have been watching EIU play football I have noticed that the offense is very slow to start playing with intensity. It might be the second quarter or second half when they start to play, but I have not seen them start a game with fire in their eyes. Final score JSU 23 EIU defense 10 EIU offense 0.

With our niece Erin getting married at the same time as this game and Cindy and Kyle both in the wedding I drove to the game by myself and brought Trevor home as soon as the football game was over. Since I was not tailgating and Trevor was not playing I intended to watch the pregame and halftime activities. However, when I arrived in Charleston, Trevor and I got a fast lunch before going to the stadium and by the time I stood in line and got my ticket it was almost game time. I sat behind the Bess family and in front of the Hodor family. Bess is the starting running back and Hodor is a defensive lineman. Even though it was a dismal game we still had fun.

I did get inside in time for part of the pregame show and the National Anthem. Since I was not involved in tailgating and Trevor was not playing I was able to enjoy the pregame and halftime shows.

Trevor on the side lines. Injured players usually don't participate in sideline meetings.

I had been trying to get a good picture of "Billy" our new mascot, and I will have to keep trying.

At halftime they honored the EIU baseball team for making it to the College World Series. One of the pitchers has been in school with Trevor since grammar school. They played on the same baseball teams with Brian pitching and Trevor catching.

The EIU band put on a rousing show at halftime! It was one of the better half time show I'd seen.

As soon as the game was over Trevor and I headed back to Quincy. When we got to town we got cleaned up and headed to the wedding reception.

Ken F. (Cindy will have to write the wedding entry since I missed most of it.)

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can't wait to see pictures from wedding.