Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rivalry Game EIU v Illinois State 9-20-08

Sorry Alan, no pictures with this blog!
With Trev not playing we changed our plans and didn't follow our football weekend routine. As most of you know Kyle has moved to Carlinville to practice law. The apartment he is in nice but he needed help with some blinds and a noisy ceiling fan. Also, the Audi needed a part installed in the trunk and it was getting close to needing an oil change. Since Trevor was not going to be able to play this weekend, Cindy decided it would be nice to stay home and get her nails done, get a pedicure, and a massage. Ladies won't you rather go to a football game watching big sweaty guys pushing each other around than spend your day being pampered.
My plan was to get the oil changed and trunk latch fixed, then to drive Kyles' on Friday, then Saturday morning work on Kyles' appartment then Kyle and I would drive to the game in Bloomington. Well that was my plan.
I had been through Springfield about a month earlier and stopped in at the dealership to see if the trunk latch was under warranty and to get it on order. Yes it was under warranty and yes they would order it. So when I called to schedule the oil change I asked if the trunk part was in and they said the part was in and they would take care of it when they did the oil change on Friday.
I left Quincy around 10:30 for a 1:00 appointment. I drive to Springfield for the oil changes and maintence of the Audi because it is all paid for as part of their warranty/maintence program. It was a really nice day so I drove over on the old two lane highway through the counrty and had a enjoyable drive. I got to the dealership a half hour early and they said no problem they would take it right in. I went to the waiting room and read my book, watched tv, walked around the car lot, read some more and finally after 3 hours I walked back to the service department to ask how it was going. They told me the car was done but I would have to come back because they needed to order the part for the trunk. I told the service rep the same story as you just read and he got glassy eyed and said he was sorry (in an I don't have time to hear your sob story attitude). Then I asked him how long the car was done. Usually they are very good about coming to get you when the car is done but on this day the car had been for a while because it was parked outside and the convertible top was dry. (they wash the cars after service). Anyway, when I asked how long the car was done I got "I dunno". The trunk part is suppose to be in Tuesday (today). After that fiasco I have my doubts. (it is 9:30 Tuesday evening and no has called to say the part is in). In defense of the dealership, the normal service rep was not there and I was dealing with someone I'd never seen before.
I finally got out of Springfield at 4:00 and headed to Kyle's place. It was only about a 45 or 50 minute drive and again it was a nice drive. I got to Kyle's apartment maybe ten minutes before he did. After relaxing and chatting a bit we went to get the things we needed to do our repairs. We fixed the blinds then went to get some food. We ate at Ryan's Pub and had a nice breaded pork chop dinner. The food was excellent and after the day I had the beer was good too.
On Saturday (Game Day) we took our time getting ready and left for the 6:00 game at 1:30. It took about two hours to get to Bloomington. Originally we were to meet Trevor and Kevin (out with concussions) and eat with them before the game. But Trevor and Kevin caught a ride with some one and they stopped to eat in Champaign. So we stopped at Famous Dave's for some barbeque. I highly recommend this place, the food is always good and they have a number of different sauces to suit just about any palate.
Two hours prior to kick off and we were having trouble finding a parking place! We ended up parking several parking lots away and walked to the main tailgating area. The game was sold out and everywhere you looked people were tailgating. Big crowd!
In the main tailgate area we meet some friends from Bloomington (Illinois State fans...hisss) and they walked with us to meet Trevor and Kevin outside the visiting locker room. It is always good to see the guys and we had a nice visit.
After our chit chat, we walked back around the stadium to get our tickets and went into the game. We sat behind the kickers' parents which was especially nice since he had a great game. Some of his kick offs were into the end zone so there was no return and he also kicked a 48 yard field goal!
EIU's defense started the game on fire. ISU could not move the ball. When EIU got the ball we did not move the ball either. Then the penalties came. We got a face mask called on us that no one saw, then we got a ruffing the passer call that was very questionable. It looked like we were in for a homer game. Our players seemed to lose their intenity after those calls. Luckily, that was the end of those types of calls.
End of first quater EIU 7, ISU 14.
In the second quater defense reigned and neither team was able to score. After half time we had our oportunities but could only muster a field goal while they scored a touch down. It looked like we were done and the game was over. Then with five minutes to go in the third quater Pug (sorry mom, (mom prefers James)) intercepted an ISU pass. That was the turning point of the game. The intensity was back and the guys started to play like the team we have come to know.
End of third quater: EIU 10, ISU 21.
With the intensity back we were fired up! The defense kept them on their heels with another interception, a fumble recovery and two sacks. The offense came alive scoring two touch downs and a field goal. Scoring 15 points in the fourth quarter (we did not convert on our two point conversions attempts).
This was truly a roller coaster type game. We were up at the start, down in the middle, then back up at the end.
Final score EIU 25, ISU 21.
BIG Game next week against Jacksonville State. The conference members picked them to finish higher than us in the conference even though we are ranked and they are not. This game like the ISU game means a lot to the players. It should be a very good game. I know Trevor really wanted to play in these two games. He did get a favorable report from his MIR. It is only a partial tear of the MCL and he should see limited playing time some time in the middle of October.
Also there is also a wedding next weekend. Lots of windsheild time, Friday rehersal in Quincy, Saturday game in Charleston then back to Quincy for the recption, Sunday brunch then back to Charleston. Big weekend and for Alan sake we will take pictures.
Ken F

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