Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Before the Eastern Illinois vs. University of Illinois Game

Today we left town at 11:45 to get to Tin Cup RV Park in Mahomat. By staying here it is a very short drive to the stadium. We will try to be out of the rv park around 6:00 AM. The parking lot that we are to go to is "first come first served" lot that opens at 7:00AM. We plan to stop at a Dunkin Dounuts on the way in and have no idea how the traffic will be. When Trevor was being recruited by Iowa and we were going to the Iowa football games the traffic jams were in place by 7:00AM and from our scouting trip from two weeks ago we only found one way in and out for taller vehicles. So we plan to leave here plenty early (we hope).
Cindy did most of the loading on Thursday evening. On Tuesday I felt bad all day to the point that I though I might have to go to the hospital. Since then I have been trying to take it easy and have been taking Prednisone (steroids) again. This is the third episode in the last two months. Not looking good. If this keeps going this way I will have to have surgery. It will be my fifth but each time I usually have seven good years after the operation. Hopefully I can make it through the football season by take the steroids. The problem with that is that I am badly effected by steroid rage and it hard on those that I am around. If I can stay on lower doses I can control the rage, but if I have to go on higher doses I get bad. That's when I try to avoid people and situations that bring out the "riod rage".
Tomorrow is game day and tailgating. So it will be early to bed for me.
We don't have much of a chance with teams like U of I. They have a lot more money to spend on scholarships and facilities. They have at least three good players for every one of ours. Almost every player for U of I is on a full scholarship. Only some of our players are on full scholarship with a lot of half scholarships. They can go three deep at most positions without losing much talent, when we can only do that at a few positions. It is the difference between the two divisions. These games are played because the lower division teams are paid big bucks that they need to improve and maintain their football programs. But I worry if it is good for the kids. The kids say that they enjoy the experience of playing in the big stadiums in front of big crowds.
So who am I to question the value of these games.
Again, tomorrow is game day. I can't wait!

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