Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Game Day EIU v Illinois

It was good weather for a football game. Mostly sunny and cool enough to think about a jacket.
We were a speck of blue and gray in the sea of orange walking to the stadium.
We walked almost all the way around the stadium to get our tickets. Where we parked was about as far away as a person could get to the visiting team will call window. Then our seats were on the other end of the stadium again! Oh well we got our exercise and it made for a shorter walk after the game.

Once we were at our seats Cindy spotted the Quincy Notre Dame football team.
Trevor and one of the Illini players (Jack) both played at QND. Jack is two years younger than Trevor and is now a red shirt freshman for the illini.

Game time!

Illinois just spent a bunch of money remodeling Memorial Stadium. Now the students have the one end zone to themselves. As you can see they like to wear their orange.

At halftime the students worked with the band by holding up different color boards to display things like the word "Illini." At times they would sway with the music with one row going one way with the next row going the other. The band with the help of the students put on a good halftime show.

Back to the game!

Which one is Trevor? The one with the long white socks. He likes to wear his socks pulled all the way up so none of his skin shows. It makes it easy to find him in a crowd.

(he is not the only player to wear long socks, but he is the only lineman to do so)

Periodically during the game, they would delay the game to announce some of the "greatest players to ever play for the Illini." The on the end is Dick Butkus!

During these announcements the players would wait on the field and wander around. I told Trevor that if I got that close to Dick Butkus that I would have wandered over to shake his hand.

Trevor gets a tackle for a five yard loss!

Jack finally got in the game in the fourth quarter. It was great that both Trevor and Jack (73) got to be on the field together. However, I did not get a picture of Jack and Trevor playing against each other.

Holding? No call.

Final. It was a respectable score for two teams from different levels of play. They have 85 scholarships to give we have 63. They have lots of money for stadiums and equipment and we don't. Which all boils down to speed and size. Their players were just that much faster and bigger than ours. Even so, I feel like our guys played well and represented their team very well.

It was real nice that the players came over to see us before going to the showers. After the game, I went back to the RV to rest for a few minutes and to begin setting up for the tailgate, while Kyle and Cindy went to meet the QND guys and Trevor and Jack.

Trevor (EIU) Jack (Illini) and their high school Coach

QND varsity and coaches with Jack and Trevor

Proud moms with happy sons. Helen and Cindy both work at Gardner Denver so they can keep up on each other from time to time.

EIU Coach Bob Spoo with Brent Fischer and Trevor.

Trevor was the first division one recruit from QND since Brent Fisher and Coach Spoo coached them both at EIU.

Meanwhile back at the RV, we had begun tailgating. We had a real nice time sitting eatting bratts and telling stories about each other. Before we knew it, it was seven o'clock!

And this is how we all felt!

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