Friday, August 29, 2008

Day 8 Drive Home

Originally Trevor was to ride back to Charleston Illinois with us so he could spend some time after the game with friends. While at Bowling Green State University he met several people from Michigan and became friends with some people that are from the Mount Pleasant Michigan area. However, for whatever reasons they could not get together, so Trevor rode back with the team. Usually it takes a very good reason for a player to not ride with the team, so it was probably for the best that he was unable to meet with his friends.

We got back to the RV after midnight and had a short night as we were ready to hit the road shortly after nine eastern time. We had done some packing before we left for the game so we only had to eat our Cheerios, hook up the jeep, dump tanks, secure some items on the inside and go. Oh and fix some coffee for the drive.

Because of the construction on I65, I94, and I80 we choose a route through central Indiana on a two lane US Highway 421. It was a good choice as we made good time. Apparently many truck drivers thought it was a good route as well. There were several trucks on this road and not many cars. When we got far enough south we cut over toward Illinois on a series of two lanes. There was a truck stop shortly before the Indiana-Illinois line where we paid $3.98 for diesel...first time we've paid under $4 in a very long time.

Since it was Labor Day Friday we had decided that we would have to spend the night in a parking lot somewhere. Periodically during the summer I had called different places about camping for one night, but because it was Labor Day everyone wanted a three night reservation. On the way up to Central Michigan we scouted a few places where we could spend the night. But because we made such good time through Michigan and on US421 we decided we would fix another pot of coffee and go for it.

We drove 498 miles in one day which is a record for me. When I'm driving the RV I usually stop at 300 miles or six hours. I don't normally drive over 65 mph and usually cruise at 60 or 62mph. Today I got in a groove and had no problem driving all day. The sun was shining and there was no wind, I had good company, and the Cubs were on the radio. It was a good day to drive!

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