Thursday, August 7, 2008

Balloon Rally Aug 1-3 2008

Quincy held a balloon rally last weekend. I had seen balloons float over head at various times but I had never seen them up close. It is fascinating to watch as the crew unrolls a bag of material and fill it with hot air so that it becomes this beautiful shape floating over head!

6:30 on Saturday morning we followed the balloon crews to a large parking lot where they could assemble the balloons. Since the balloons are subject to the currents of the wind, they had to drive to a location where they thought the wind would blow them back over Wavering Park. Above you can see the balloon rolled out on the grass.

At first they just used large gas powered fans to blow air into the balloon.

After the balloon was getting full of air they would attach the basket with the burner. The basket would be on its' side and they would use the burner injunction with the fan to blow hot air into the balloon. As the balloon filled it would set the basket upright.

Just some pretty pictures!

There were just over twenty balloon at the rally. That was enough to fill the park and to put on a good show. But now I can imagine what a big rally must look like!

Ken F.

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Anonymous said...

we haven't seen much camping with you guys this year. Hope you are OK. Or, is gas prices slowing you down the way it is with us?