Friday, August 22, 2008

Day 1: Trip to Central Michigan University begins

We left quincy twice for this trip. We left at noon after Cindy got home from work and got a quick snack. I had everything ready to go other than hooking up the jeep. After hitching the jeep we hit the road. We were half way to Hannibal when CL realized that she left her Blackberry at home. Since she was going to work while I drove we turned around at the junction of 57 and I72. There is not enough room to turn around at the house without un hooking the jeep. So we unhooked turned around then rehooked.

Of course, the Blackberry was not where she thought it was and we had to stop and talk to the mailman to confirm that he was holding our mail, anyway we got out of town again at 1:20.

The rest of the trip was uneventful. The driving was ok with a slight cross wind holding our mileage under 10 mpg.

We got to Tin Cup RV park three and a half hours later and set up in one of their pull through sites in front of the campground. The spaces here are nothing special and too tight for putting out your awning, but nice for overnights since you don't even have to unhook if you don't need to.

We were surprised to see a Sportscoach that looked to be same age as ours parked next door, so 'Baby' had some sibling company for awhile. They had Illinois plates and a Howards RV sticker so we were hoping to get to talk to the owners but we never seemed to be on the same schedules.

Ditka and Sox also made friends with this little fellow named Max. Although he is a Pekingnese, with his trimmed fur, he looked a lot like a squat version of Sox.

One of the reasons we wanted to stay here was so that we could investigate our route to the U of I game later in the season. It was good that we did because Google had us going in where we would have ended up wedged under an 11 foot overpass. Kirby street was the only street that we found with more than 12 foot clearance. We also identifed a Dunkin Donuts with easy access just as we come off of I-74. Since we don't plan to bring the jeep in for tailgating and we are providing morning coffee and donuts...the plan seems to be coming together!

After our investigation we had supper at the Hideaway in Mohamat then retired to the RV.

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