Thursday, August 21, 2008

Beaver Dam State Park

Sunday morning after leaving Cedarbrook Campground and the Coachmen group, we headed for Beaver Dam State Park. This park is just south of Carlinville, IL. The plan was for Kyle to drive the Audi to the park, then Cindy would drive the Audi back to Quincy so she could work on Monday morning while Kyle and I began looking for a place for him to live when he starts work.

There are a limited number of sites that we could get into. This site, #2, was plenty long and wide. Most of the other sites that we could have gotten into were much smaller. Also this site was near the host site which was nice since we did not plan on being at the campground other than to sleep.

The roads into the park were wide and nicely paved. Actually better than the highway we drove on to get to the park!

The lake looked nice and inviting, and we heard the fishing was good. But we did have time for fishing on this trip. Maybe next time we can get the boat out and scare the fish.

The food at the park restaurant was excellent. It was nothing fancy but it was good.

We did find Kyle a nice apartment on Monday night and was able to secure it on Tuesday before we left at the 3:00 o'clock check out. So I will be returning with Kyle to move his things in on Friday. Hopefully we will be done moving for a while.

While visiting Kyle we will probably stay here, but we did find a campground closer to town but have not had a chance to check it out. We will do that on the next trip to Kyle's.

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