Friday, August 22, 2008


Someone remarked (quite correctly) that we were not camping as much as we did last year and wanted to know if it was because of the fuel prices. No, it is not the high fuel prices even though it is a concern. It's because we used a lot of Cindy's vacation time with our trip with the boys to the Black Hills in late May. We are saving the remainder of her vacation for the upcoming football season. Also I spent a lot of time and weekends moving the boys. Trevor moved out of one house this spring, storing most of his goods, then this summer moved into another house. Kyle, upon graduation, had to move out of his apartment before he took the bar exam. So I went to Dekalb and brought his stuff back to Quincy while he stayed at a buddies to study for the bar. Then a few weeks later I moved him to Carlinville when he started work.
Now with football season starting next week we will be going almost every weekend till the season is over. Hopefully, that will be in December, because if we are still RVing in December that will mean the team is in the playoffs. The only interruptions that we anticipate is a bye week and Erin's wedding.
Erin's wedding is the same weekend as the Jacksonville State football game. This is a big game since JSU is picked to finish higher than EIU. They acquired a quarterback from LSU when he was kicked off the team. It baffles me how one player will take a team from the lower end of the conference and move them to the top. That quarterback did not change the receivers, running backs, offensive line or defense. Anyway, Cindy will stay in Quincy for the wedding and Kyle will drive to Quincy to be in the wedding. I will go to the game and bring Trevor back with me. By the time the game is over and Trev is able to shower and eat, and we drive the three hours to Quincy I expect it to be close to 9:00 PM. Enough time so that we can make an appearance at the wedding. Then Trev will need to be back in Charleston on Sunday.
While we slacked off during the summer our RV trips will resume with the start of the season. Hopefully Trevor's shoulder will hold up and he will have a good season. That will make the trips all that much more pleasurable.

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your wife has to learn there are more important things in life than work and money. Retire,enjoy life its to short.
I know!