Thursday, August 21, 2008

EIU Scrimmage August 9th

As I said in the previous entry, we had left the Archway Coachmen Group on Saturday afternoon so that we could go see Trevor and check on him and his shoulder.
We did not see him before the scrimmage but did talk to him on the phone.
He was late getting to the field for warm up and stretching because he was having his shoulder taped. That is why he does not have his jersey on for the stretching.

He did play in the scrimmage and overall had a good day, but I could tell he was holding back.

Since he was late getting to the field he never did get his shirt tucked in!

It was a hot day for football and the guys were sweating profusely.

This is Bob. Bob is Jeff Sobols' dog. Jeff is one of Trevor's roommates along with Andre Lima. All three of them are defensive linemen, and all three expect to start but only two will. They expect to have a rotation of player to keep fresh on the field.

Jeff's mom, Trevor's mom and Bob.

While at the scrimmage I spotted the team doctor a few rows down talking with the team chiropractor and a booster. I took the opportunity to talk to them to see what was going on with Trevor's shoulder. Apparently Trevor had not seen them as of yet and they were surprised when I asked about his shoulder.

Since that scrimmage they have begun to work on Trevor's shoulder to break up the scar tissue and get him some relief. The treatment is to use a spoon looking apparatus to push on the scar tissue to get it to release. Trevor said the treatment hurts a lot and leaves his shoulder bruised and tender, but he thought it was working. The docs told him he would need at least 5 treatments.

Bleed Blue! Go Panthers!

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