Monday, January 18, 2010

Attention RV Weight Watchers!!

I understand there are a lot of readers who, like me, are believers in the Weight Watchers program. I'm on my umpteenth attempt here but KNOW that this program is the most logical way to get back to my healthy self. (Week Two weigh-in today, 3.8 lbs, 7.4 lbs total so far!!)

If you are not already aware of it, and are not a member of the online Weight Watchers website, please be aware that you do not have to pay to be a member of the basic site. It is free and contains loads of great information, forums and recipes.

Yesterday, I uncovered some online WW users who are organizing a 'group' on this site specific to RVers on Weight Watchers. I think this is a great idea since there are some very specific issues that people 'On the Road' face with staying on program. With a 'group' you get your own discussion form and 'wall' (similar to facebook) where you can discuss related issues and give one another encouragement. You can also provide links to your own blogs.

I had originally hoped to do something like this through the Escapees, Birds of Feather, by starting our own WW group there. However, I think this free WW site is preferred because....

1. Anyone can join the group, not just Escapees members. (I contacted Escapees awhile back using their instructions on how to start a group and have gotten no response...I'm thinking now that is a good thing since this WW site allows for greater participation)
2. This WW site allows for easy reference to other pages on the WW site that focus on the ongoing Weight Watchers lifestyle. (eg., why not tag a WW recipe that works great for 'potlucks' )
3. This site is the place where meeting and lifetime members need to go to find meetings in the location where they are currently travelling so many are already using this.
4. If we can get enough 'attendance' in this group, who knows, maybe we can get some special attention from the WW organization in lobbying for needs specific to RVers (eg., how about weigh-in meetings at the larger rallies or 'snowbird' attractions, maybe a WW 'vendor' booth to encourage "Weight Watchers on Wheels"?)
5. This is a totally FREE interchange. The idea is that this can be done with no one having any ulterior 'money making' motives to get you to participate.

So why push this!?! Well, studies have shown that people who have a support group lose significantly more weight than those who attempt to lose and maintain losses on their own. It's hard to have a support group when you are parked in a different state every week!! So, what better way to get that support than through a 'virtual' group of persons living a similar lifestyle!

Ok, that's my sales pitch to try to bring in some new group participants!

If you are interested and haven't got a WW signon, simply sign on to and follow the instructions to get a FREE signon.
Then, once you have a signon, go to the 'Community' section and the 'Groups' section under Community. Search for a group with 'RV' in the title. You will find one called 'RV "On the Road"'. Follow the instructions to join and leave a note on the wall introducing yourself!!

Also please, if you know some other RVers who would be interested please pass this on to them!!!

With a good group attendance and interchange, this could be a very HEALTHY step forward in our RV lifestyle in 2010!!

Hugs, C


Mark and Dortha said...

Hi Cindy....thanks for a great post. Along with Ellie, of Justravelin, she and I traveled all over and did WW successfully. We both got back to our livetime status and have managed to maintain that for over a year now.

If you didn't catch my blog the other day, I posted a really great Chocolate Muffin recipe. Got me through some really tough days in the beginning.

Good luck on your journey and let me know if I can be of any help along the way.


Shelley S T said...

This is so cool - WW and RVers!! We have been living in our RV since 2004 with just a few months off here and there. Right now we're in northern FL, in Leesburg, right by The Villages. We're getting some new day/night shades -MCDs, those vinyl ones they put in the new rigs!! (the same type we used in our babies rooms to keep it dark so they would nap longer!!) So, anyway, I started WW on Monday and I'm doing fine - I think. I'll let you know on Friday, when I weigh in!!

Anybody going to the Brooksville FMCA rally in February? We'll be there....

See you on the road!