Thursday, January 14, 2010

Starting to Schedule 2010 Adventures!

Today, I made our reservations for the RV-Dreams Rally in South Carolina in April. That helps somewhat with the severe case of hitch-itch I've been experiencing!

Last week, we finalized campground reservations for a trip to Bennett Springs State Park. We’ll be there with nieces, Sheila and Darlene and their families. The focus of the trip will be the fly-fishing that the guys do pretty much all day, while I get to go to the pool with the nieces and great-nieces.

I still need to reserve sites at Fox Ridge State Park in May for Trevor’s graduation and again in October to enjoy the EIU Homecoming game.

We also plan to attend Escapade in September in Goshen, IN and then hopefully a short trip to Tennessee to visit some fellow ‘RV-Dreams family’ in late October.

We’ll start filling in the weeks between as the time gets closer.

Ken has now picked up his tools again in our master bedroom. As you may recall, he completed most of the ‘destruction’ part of the remodeling and then when football season arrived, the project had to go to the back burner.

He now has most all of the materials carried up to the second floor with the new bathroom cabinets, the ceramic tile, the hardwood floors and all his varied tools taking up the better part of the master bedroom.

The last few days have been spent primarily moving / enhancing some light fixtures in the ceiling and then patching and painting the ceiling. It looks MUCH better than the old ‘popcorn’ days.

While Ken is staying busy on the second floor, I’ve established my winter ‘office’ in the basement..

Since I’m making weight loss/exercise my #1 job for the new year, the Nordic Track (34 minutes = 6 activity points!) is a key piece of equipment in that project. Ken gave me a light portable Brother sewing machine for Christmas so my current project is working through all the old quilts we have from Grandma Frericks that need repair.

I’ve been recording the Ovation Channel ‘Tall, Dark and Classic’ movies that are on this month and then sit with my computer on one side and my quilt patches on the other and enjoy a movie while sewing patches on to the quilts..

Since we are two floors apart, I also keep the phone nearby so Ken call to request my assistance which usually isn’t exactly skilled labor since I’m usually holding ladders or passing him tools!

The Shiba’s spend most of their time with me since we don’t want them in the ‘construction zone’. In the evenings, we all reconvene in the family room, with the fireplace going.

That’s one of Sox’s favorite places to hang out this time of year.

We’ll get a break from this routine on Saturday when I’ll be driving over to Springfield, IL with Jenni’s mother, Donna, to go wedding dress shopping with Jenni. I’m really looking forward to that!

Hoping you all are getting a bit of a respite from the awful cold like we have!

Hugs, C

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Margie M. said...

I thought I'd already marked your great blog to Follow, but saw I was mistaken. I've logged on to be a Follower now. Congratulations on the weight loss. We, too, are determined to not just have this be a "diet".

Look forward to more postings!