Friday, January 8, 2010

A Couple of Weeks of Catch-Up

Sorry I haven’t posted lately but it’s been a very busy couple of weeks since Christmas.

So, I’ll summarize…

Christmas Day:

Kyle and Jenni went to Grandma Richmiller’s and Jenni got a BIG surprise. Her brother JP arrived from Afghanistan! Between the engagement ring and JP showing up for a surprise visit, Jenni said it was the best 24 hours of her life!!

It’s our tradition to take in a movie at a theater on Christmas Day. This is usually the only time Ken and I go to the movie theater all year! When we arrived for the 4pm showing of ‘Sherlock’ we found out it was sold out—apparently a lot of people do Christmas Day movies! We opted to pick up a couple of DVD’s instead. We watched Hangover which was hilarious but we definitely don’t want Trevor hosting the bachelor party in Las Vegas after watching that movie!! We kept Inglorious Bastards for later viewing and went out to eat with Jenni’s family at TGI Friday’s, one of the few Quincy restaurants open on Christmas. It’s probably one of the few times between now and the wedding that we’ll have all 3 of Kyle and Jenni’s brothers will be in Quincy at one time so it was great to have a chance to get together.

Between Christmas and New Year’s:

The day after Christmas I hosted my brother, sisters and their families for an evening get-together. Sorry, no pictures. Ken and I both simply forgot to pull out the camera. After that evening, we decided having a party the day after Christmas is not smart. It seemed that everyone was just too drained from all the activities of prior days to really enjoy yet another Christmas gathering.

Jenni and Kyle were quick to start organize their wedding plans.

We sat down to get a first-cut at number of guests and overall ideas.

They’ve done a great job of pulling things together quickly. I’ll go in to more detail on all the fun I’m having helping them plan in later posts.

Jenni also started putting together a wedding website. I’ll include a link from this site as soon as she’s had a chance to finalize the wedding party.

Besides asking him to be best man, Trevor was also asked if he would act as master of ceremonies and put together the music and slide show for the reception. Trev is already having a lot of fun with this and spent many hours already over his Christmas break trying out different songs and sequences.

On Wednesday, Trevor went to visit one of his former housemate and good bud, Jeff Sobel, spending their New Year’s Eve enjoy St.Louis nightlife. It appears St. Louis survived.

New Year’s

It was certainly lucky that Kyle decided to give Jenni her ring earlier than originally intended, midnight New Year’s Eve. Jenni got sick New Year’s Eve and they had to leave their party early. I can only imagine how frustrated Kyle would have been had he still planned to give her the ring at the stroke of midnight and instead she was home sick in bed!
Anyway. New Year’s was a quiet day of recuperation at home.

Even Staley seemed to understand that ‘Mama Jenni’ was under the weather and cuddled with she and ‘Papa Kyle’ on the couch.

And the first Seven Days of 2010

The first seven days of the New Year have flown by.

We took down the inside decorations and, even with the single digit temperatures and snow cover, Ken convinced Trevor to venture outside with him to take down the outdoor decorations.
We’ve had a couple of snows so its been nice to have Trevor home to handle most of the shoveling.

Kyle and I have both joined Weightwatchers, he online only, but I’m doding both online and meetings. Although at last check he was at a very low percentage body fat, Trevor is also interested in dropping from his playing weight of 275 to something closer to 240 and so had done a great job of sticking with workouts and eating healthy. I’ve been trying new weight watchers recipes and I’m putting together a separate post of the ‘winning’ recipes, those that past the Frericks Man-Test for recipes.

Happy New Year to All!!!

Hugs, C

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lhenke said...

I've been going Weight Watchers, too! You'll definitely have to tell me which recipes pass the Frerx Man Test so I can try to get Luke to eat them, too!

We're really hoping to be able to see you all soon since we missed you over the holidays. We miss our Frericks's!!!