Friday, January 29, 2010

'Dog Day's' of Winter

Hi, this is Sox. Mom leaves her laptop here in the family room and I was sick of seeing that shrimp chowder recipe as the current blog so decided I'd give you an update.

It's really been pretty quiet around here lately.

Dad is suppose to be working on the remodeling upstairs so we can get back on the road. He's decided instead to spend some time helping a fellow remodeler, Bo, finish a bathroom so that he, in turn, can help with our bathroom. That's good because Bo is our buddy and we like having him around, too. He and Dad do good work together.

This has been an especially good month for me since Mom is doing her weight watcher's style eating which means that, at breakfast time, she usually has an egg yolk or two left after she makes her omelet. Not to wish my brother ill, but I'm glad he is allergic to chicken since that means I get the egg yolks all too myself!!

Mom puts me in a separate room with my special treat so that Ditka can't sneak any. Then I just bark to let her know I'm finished and ready to come back out to play. I'm not sure I'm always getting the best end of this deal though since sometime when I come out I can smell cheese on Ditka's breath!

Apparently Mom and Dad went out to charge up the batteries on the motorhome yesterday since its suppose to be back in to the single digit temperatures again for awhile here. They also ran some of the wiring to set up the motorhome for the DirectTV.

Although we miss the motorhome, Ditka and I didn't go with them since with both of them gone that leaves us a warm cozy house where there's no human to get in the way of a comfy afternoon nap on the family room couch.

We're hoping it will only be about 2 more yucky bath times (I think thats about 6 weeks for you humans) before we'll be back on the road again, headed for warmer climates and those great long campground walks.

Hope to see you down the road!

Lovin' licks,


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Jim and Dee said...

It's good hearing from you Sox. Have fun and take care of your parents. I hope to meet you one day at a park.