Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back on the Road

There had been too much remodeling and sitting in Quincy in July.  Ken and I were both ready to get on the road awhile.

Since Trevor’s girlfriend Leah needed to move between houses in Charleston the last weekend in July, we decided this would be a good excuse to make a trip back over to the Eastern side of Illinois to one of the campgrounds we consider ‘home’, Fox Ridge State Park.

After a long day of moving that Friday, we celebrated moving the girls in to their new house with a Lasagna dinner and party.  This was my first opportunity to meet Leah’s mom, Amy, and we had a really enjoyable evening together.  Ken said that it was obvious I had enjoyed the company AND the wine since he was able to catch me napping the next afternoon which is something I don’t usually do!



He took this picture to prove that I am actually able to sleep during daylight hours and, since I didn’t even flinch when the flash went off,  he considers it further proof that I had a really good time the night before!


Ditka seemed particularly happy to be on the road again and although he seemed to tire out quicker than usual, was always anxious to be on the go.  His appetite has returned and he was happy to stand guard over the grill for Ken considering the great smells it was sending his way.  You can see from the picture that while his fur is starting to grow back, he still isn’t ready to put weight on his leg.  Ken is doing a wonderful job of working on the massage, manipulation and slow rehab with Ditka so I’m really optimistic we’ll see him use that leg again in months to come.


As usual, there was no lack of Trev’s friends to help Ken get rid of his grilling creations.  In this picture, Trev and Leah were joined by Chris and his girlfriend, Courtney, for grilled pepper cheese chicken breasts, cheesy garlic red potatoes and sautéed asparagus….no leftovers!!


Because we were staying 5 nights in an electric-only site, we set up to do most of our water use, including dishwashing outdoors.  Although it was a bit warm all weekend, so long as we kept a fan blowing it made it comfortable to be outside and the breeze from the fan helped keep the flies down.


After late breakfast on Sunday, we drove in to Greenup to show Leah and Trevor the covered bridge and drop by the Cameo Winery to pick up a bottle of wine for Leah’s mom to sample.  We topped off the outing with a visit to Greenup’s old fashioned ice cream shop. 

Leah had to head back to Palos Park to work Sunday evening so Trev decided to stay with us and get some CPA study in while Ken and I enjoyed a long walk with the dogs and some reading time on the patio.

After a big breakfast, Trev headed back to Quincy on Monday morning and Ken and I packed up to move on to our next stop, a visit to Kyle and Jenni in Carlinville and another park we call ‘home’, Beaver Dam State Park.

Hugs, C


Jim and Dee said...

A great time with family. How fun. On the move again, hope our paths cross again soon.

Frerx Adventures said...

See you for sure at Elkhart Campground when we meet up before Escapade, Dee!