Monday, August 2, 2010

Ladies Night!

I’ve not posted since July 16th so it’s time I did some quick catch-up in the next few posts!!

First, for all of you wonderful readers so concerned about Ditka, he is now ‘released’ for rehab and is moving around well.  Well, that is so long as you don’t try to get him to use his left hind leg.  We are slowly trying to get him to use that leg and doing the massage and manipulation we were shown to insure it retains flexibility.  The best we can get so far are a few slight taps of the paw on the ground when he forgets himself. 

The second half of July was filled with family activities starting with Jenni’s bachelorette party.  Jenni’s Mom and I joined the bridesmaids in St. Louis at Laclede’s Landing.  This is a great place for such an event since there are lots of fun places to celebrate along this historic section of St. Louis with no need to drive.   The girls were staying in a hotel close by as well.

We started the evening off at Morgan’s Brewery with a nice dinner together.

IMG_0582 I’m thrilled that my new daughter, Jenni, and my niece, Erin, seem to be hitting it off so well.  I’m so very lucky to have them both!  And aren’t they just gorgeous!


Here’s Jennie with her Mom, Donna, at dinner.  Jenni had the ‘bride-to-be’ pink satin banner while the rest of us had buttons indicating our role in the event.  As you see, Donna, had two…one as ‘Mother of the Bride’ and one as ‘Matron of Honor’.

We then moved on to the ‘Big Bang’ Piano Bar.  I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a really fun evening of entertainment. 


Katie had done a great job of planning and had front row seats reserved. 




The girls made sure this hunky waiter dropped by often to offer Jenni a variety of the shot specials for the evening.



The piano players took requests (those with the biggest tips getting the most attention of course!) and so here we have Erin dragging Jenni to the stage for a sing-a-long during a special request for the ‘bride to be’.


‘Big Bang’ is a great place to spend the evening.  If you have a party, reserve ahead and get there early the cover is not too steep.  There were groups of all ages having a great time and surprisingly about a dozen or so tables of  bachelor or bachelorette parties.

IMG_0600 While it was really nice that the girls invited the ‘Moms’ to join them, we really didn’t want to cramp their style with old ladies following them around all night and so Donna and I planned to do the drive back to Quincy that same night. As designated driver I was a good girl and stuck to the free DD coca-colas all night for that reason.  Since Jenni’s parents run a Quincy bar, the Heartland Saloon, and do the nightly closings, we Mom’s headed back to Quincy about 10:30 pm leaving the girls to many more hours of frolicking.

It was nice to have Donna along for the late night drive back to Quincy and it gave us talk time just the two of us that we might not get otherwise.

I know they had a great time although it sounds like most slept in the better part of Sunday as a result.

Thanks, girls, for giving Jenni such a wonderful party.  It’s really nice to see what a wonderful group of friends she has.

Hugs, C

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Anonymous said...

Looks like yopu all had a really great time! I'm seeing what I have to look forward to!

Donna Ellsworth