Saturday, August 7, 2010

Disdainful Fish

On Thursday, Ken decided to take advantage of the cooler weather and spend some time on the lake here at the park.

One of the many nice things about the our Sea Eagle is how easy it is to get it to the lake with the jeep, after taking your time to get it blown up and outfitted in the shade of the motorhome. IMG_0638 






While Ken was on the lake fishing I planned to go in to town so I dropped Ken off at the dock, helped him load the boat and cast off.  He waved good-bye heading out to the open sea!



Ken characterized the days fishing as downright degrading.  He said the fish would literally follow the bait back to the boat as he reeled it in and then look up and give him a disdainful laugh.  Illinois fish can be SO arrogant!

He’s pretty sure that this heron was also chuckling as he enjoyed watching Ken from the dock.




But, Ken had to admit that the number of fish he could get  on the line really wasn’t what drew him to the lake anyway.  He skimmed along the shoreline a bit to take in the variety of greenery and wildflowers.  This quite common flowering vine is a form of hibiscus called a rose mallow and found in abundance around the park this time of the year.

After enjoying some quiet time at the Carlinville library, checking emails, posting a blog, doing online banking, I dropped by Walmart to pick up items to grill for dinner and then called Ken to tell him I was on my way back to the park.

As I pulled up to the dock he was making his way back across the lake.  Apparently the heron and the fish had filled in the geese regarding his silly fishing attempts and so they were waiting to rub in his lack of success a bit further as he pulled up to unload.


We chilled out for a bit back at the RV and then did grilled pork chops, cheesy garlic red potatoes, veggie stir fry and french bread for Jenni and Kyle for dinner.

Ken spent quite awhile outside after dark solving the problems of the world with one of the camp hosts.  When he did come in we were surprised to see that Mr. “Never Gets a Sunburn”  had some very red legs which I slathered with aloe lotion, then we both turned in for an early night.

Friday we went in to town to have lunch with Kyle, Jenni and some of the ladies from the law firm.  We met at Angus Bailey’s which is one of the 2 or 3 best places to eat in Carlinville.  They have a rather strange menu ranging from flaming greek cheese appetizers, to deep fried artichoke hearts, and southwest style chicken pitas.   The food and the company was great as usual.

After the meal Ken and I dropped by the Carlinville library.  While we could go past Kyle’s house to get on the internet, I have a ‘thing’ for small town libraries.


  For a town of 6000, Carlinville has a very nice facility, fast internet and a really large variety of magazines. 

Kyle and Jenni had us over Friday evening for spaghetti.   We ate on their huge deck, enjoying the cooler temperatures.   Afterward, the pulled out a game called ‘Apples to Apples’.  We had a great time with this game.  I think it would be great to have around anytime you are having a few couples over and want something to do that everyone can enjoy, since it doesn’t take much skill or strategy but tends to keep everyone involved and talking.

It’s now Saturday morning.  I’ve enjoyed a full 2 hours sitting out under the awning reading and working on my laptop. Temperatures are in the high sixties.  Fellow campers are out with their dogs and coffee cups. As usual, our dogs are icebreakers and several people stop to talk, asking about them.  Ken is in the chair beside me working on a ‘Hard’ Sudoku.  I’m impressed but will stick with  my laptop!!  We’re just about through our second pot of coffee which is a signal that its about time to get breakfast started.

As is the motto of our new-found friends, Ed and Marilyn,  LIG  -- life is good!! And to add the addendum from our other new-found friends, Doug and Joann – RVLIB – RV life is better!!

Hugs, C

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Margie M. said...

That boat Ken is using sure looks like a dandy. Perfect for an RVer, that's for sure.