Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pics from Route 66 – Aug 14, Atlanta IL

After reading Laurie’s post on why she blogs, I realized that my reasons were very similar to hers, and kicked myself back in to getting back to posting even if we aren’t on the road right now.

We will soon be at the Escapade meeting face-to-face for the first time many wonderful blogging RVers that we would not know expect for the RV blogging community.  This ‘virtual family’ is just one more of the really cool parts of the RV lifestyle that have me hooked.

And so…I get back to blogging after a 3 week break….

One of the really wonderful parts of no longer working is being able to spend more time with family members.

To that end, I travelled with three of my Frericks sister-in-laws to Atlanta, IL, a historic little town on Old Route 66, that is home to my sister-in-law, Ann.




You can’t help but smile back at the community’s eye-catching water tower.



Although our true objective was to act as the Quincy Frericks family representatives at a baby shower,  even after a brunch time stop at Springfield, IL Bob Evans, we had a little time to explore downtown Atlanta before heading to the party.

Here are my fellow travelers, Kenny’s sisters Mary, Lois and Kay in front of Atlanta’s 100 year old public library.




One of the huge classic ‘muffler men’, this one known as the “Bunyon Giant” has had its place in the Atlanta Route 66 historic site since 2003.  It actually stood on the original route 66 in nearby Cicero, IL for more than 40 years in front of the Bunyon Hot Dog stand.






The J. H. Hawes Grain Elevator  in Atlanta is the oldest wooden grain elevator in Illinois, built in 1904 and today a museum.





Of course, we weren’t in Atlanta for sightseeing but for a baby shower, so here’s a few shots from that event…




Niece, Tonya, donned a ‘retro’ look, wearing a dress that Mama Ann had made some 40 years earlier.









Rather than play games, we did a craft as the activity at the shower, with each of us decorating a ‘onesie’  for Mark and Mindy’s soon-to-be little baby boy Knuffman.

Here, Lydia, Harper and Sophie work on their creations for their new cousin, while Mindy and Mama’s Susan and Lisa supervise.



All-in-all, I’d say everyone had quite the ‘ducky’ day!!


Hugs, C


Margie M. said...

Great little water tower there :)

It's always a kick on Route 66. Hey, I just had to say that!

Cute idea with the onesie craft.

Jim and Dee said...

That's quite a different baby shower, thanks for posting. I've missed you.

Anonymous said...

Are you still doing weight watchers?