Sunday, September 5, 2010

All in an August

Since we’ve been off the road for all but the first two days of August, the activities to report have all been in or about the house.

Trevor has now taken 2 of the 4 CPA exam sections. He’s heard back that he’s passed the first and most difficult on Financial Reporting.  He’s pessimistic about the second, however, since his online study course indicated he would not have to know tax code numbers and, guess what---the exam was full of code numbers.  Apparently, the folks taking the classroom study course are forewarned of this so this has him pretty frustrated—but hey, he’s doing a great job of plodding through them and if he has to retake no more than one, I’d say he’s in great shape!!

While he is back at home he’s taken over the basement as his own apartment. While he has his own kitchen down there, he of course, still prefers mama’s cooking.  Mama doesn’t do his laundry though which is just fine with the pooches.  They love having Trevor sort out his dirty laundry all over the kitchen floor so they can use it for their own little nests.


Of course, Sox is still playing nursemaid and staying very close to her recuperating big bro, Ditka.  It’s been six weeks since his surgery, and we are just now seeing Ditka take his first steps on his left hind leg.  I can’t imagine how a leg works like that with not leg-bone-connected-to-the-hip-bone, but apparently he will be able to make it work using just muscles.

Speaking of muscles, Trevor is getting his first tastes of being on the other side of the whistle, working as a D-Line coach for his high school alma mater, Quincy Notre Dame. 


The first game of the season against cross-river rival, Hannibal, was one of the most exciting high school football games I’ve attended, with QND making a huge comeback after the two-minute warning when they were behind by 9.

Of course, it could be that I enjoyed the game so because I wasn’t watching with that constant fear of whether my son would be getting up from the bottom of the pile!  I never realized how tense I must have been at games these past 8 years until I realized how relaxing watching this high school game felt!!

It really wasn’t stress-free for Trevor though.  He was on top of the press box where they are constantly feeding info down to the coaches on the field from their birds-eye view.   Trevor said it felt really weird not being on the sideline but he likes being part of the constant analysis and adjustments as they watch the game unfold.


Oh, and not that QND fans take their football seriously but QND Dad and booster, Brian bought this house when it came on the market so they’d have a place like this to tailgate!


Not only are the bleachers filled but the lawn chair and standing room usually comes as a premium all around the field as well!

The last regular season game will take place the weekend before Trevor starts his new job in Springfield.  How convenient!  But then we are hoping that he has to travel those first few weekends to playoff games.  Who knows—maybe he can do like brother Kyle did in basketball and not only play on a QND state final team but coach on one as well!!

Meanwhile, poor Papa Kenny is spending his August days trudging away at completing the house remodeling.

Remodeling the upstairs is forcing Kyle and Trevor to de-clutter.   Baseball cards, grade school trophies, childhood toys, take’em with you, give’em away or trash them.  Not an activity anyone is enjoying which is why its taken us to their mid-20’s before we’ve forced the issue, I suppose!


Here is Ken having stripped Kyle’s room of furniture carpet and trimwork.  After that he removes the ‘popcorn’ from the ceiling, patches and repaints ceilings and walls, installs his nicely crafted white woodwork and then lays in the hardwood floor.

He’s was able to complete the room before  Kyle and Jenni came back to Quincy Labor Day weekend.  Quite ambitious!!


Trevor and Leah took on the job of moving the furniture back in to the room.

Ken moved on to start on Trevor’s room.


Another project for the month is the repair of the motorhome from when that fencepost jumped out in front of Ken down in Alabama.  We really wanted this repair completed before we took our fall trips but its been raining and it they have to work on it outside since they don’t have a big enough garage.   It looks like we will likely be travelling with the paintwork only partially complete.

Most of my days are spent doing the normal wifely things, cooking, laundry, etc., and being errand boy for Ken in his remodeling.  The rest of the time is spent doing wedding prep stuff.  I’ve done some last minute work on the wedding invitation list and completed the rehearsal dinner and day-after picnic invitations. I’ve done the gifts and wrapping for the showers and worked with Trev on getting his wedding gift.  I’ve started organizing the gift baskets for out-of-town guests and practiced Mom’s cookie recipe which will be included in the gift baskets.  Jenni and I have been continuing a constant thread of emails on the wedding week itinerary, list of responsibilities, timeline for the wedding day and reception, wedding program, DJ instructions, photographer photo list, etc.,  I’m really glad I’m not working right now because I’d never had gotten to work with her on these things otherwise.  I’m getting a very well-organized daughter-in-law and I really appreciate her willingness to let me take a part in all the details since I can be a real worry-wart when I’m not the one with my hand on the controls and don’t know what’s going on (hmmm….what do you expect after 30 years of project management…and we wonder why I hate to fly!!!)

Hugs, C


Jim and Dee said...

That's quite a difference in the room! Fabulous job Ken!

Myrddin said...

Hey Cindy and Ken,

Come on by, we'll cook some burgers or something on the grill if you can get here in time for supper.

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Looking forward to seeing you.

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