Saturday, September 18, 2010

Myrddin hasn’t Moved!!

Thursday evening we attended the Escapade closing ceremonies and the fairwell picnic. 

I then got to learn a new card game, ‘Hand and Foot’.  What fun!!  We had 20 RV-Dreamers playing, girls against guys.  I sort of got thrown in to the fray, learning as we went, so my poor partner, Karen Martin, and her husband, Don, along with Bob Williams had to teach me as we went.  This is a really fun card game so Ken and I are going to find some ‘Skip Bo’ cards now.  You can play with regular cards but we really liked this version of the game and hope we’ll run in to folks again to play.

There’s a simple sentence that really says so much about this lifestyle and I heard it a lot on Friday morning….”We’re in no hurry”.  The majority of our friends were heading out on Friday but everyone was taking their time and standing around with coffee and conversation, enjoying the last hours together.

After 30 years at a job where things always had to be done faster, faster, faster, this way of living is a real dream come true for me!

These kinds of partings  with friends could be sad if it weren’t that we are feeling more and more re-assured that we will meet these folks again down the road.

And, as proof of that, we got a big surprise later in the day.  Because we wanted full hookups to take nice long hot showers and also to do some tank backflushing we decided we’d stop overnight in Prairie Pines Campground in Rantoul IL.    As we got near the gate I noticed that Myrddin was still parked in his comfy spot right where we had left him last week.

Jim and Linda Smith had told us that they would be leaving a few days after we saw them last week but as it turned out they had not done all the visiting in the area that they’d planned and were staying a bit longer.  Since my online access had been limited in the last week I hadn’t been checking in on them through their blog and we were thrilled to see that, yes, we got to visit again with these friends who we didn’t think we’d be seeing again until next April.

As it turns out we sat around and talked from out 2:00 arrival until the guys went and picked up Monical’s pizza for us about 5:30.  


It was such a nice way to spend the afternoon.

As usual Ken and Jim spent lots of time talking about various rig maintenance issues.  It was nice to hear that after taking a quick tour of our rig, Jim, with his decade of experience fulltiming felt that our current motorhome was quite adequate for fulltiming.  He also agrees fully with the general recommendations we heard at Escapade –> especially with the number of quality issues being experienced in new rigs lately, if you have a rig that has no functional problems, stick with what you’ve got!!   While we don’t have as much basement storage as they do in their Beaver, we have lots of interior storage and can adjust what we are carrying  to make more room and carry different stuff for fulltiming than ‘vacation/tailgating’ mode.   There are some cosmetic enhancements we’d like to make but we can start working through them a little at a time.

Because we wanted those long showers, Ken and I headed back in to the rig about 7pm.

It’s now 7:30 Saturday  morning and Ken’s cooking breakfast while I finish this blog.

We plan to be on the road before 10:00 hoping to get in to Beaver Dam State Park by mid-afternoon so Ken can get in a nap before we head in to party with Kyle’s law firm tonight.

Hugs, C


Jim Walter said...

It's great meeting up with people. Travel safe. See you soon.

JB said...

You are right, we had a Winnebago Chieftain that was a little older but had no issues. Although our new Discovery was a better fit for fulltiming, it was trying getting through that first winter, what with all the little issues that popped up. However now that they seem to be under control we are loving having more space.

Myrddin said...

It was really good to see you again. We really enjoyed spending the day with you.

Safe travels, and we'll see you next April.

Hugs, Jim and Linda.

Oh, and thanks again for the birthday beer! ;-)