Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Escapade 2010 Highlights – Part One

We’ve kept so busy that I’m tempted to simply say “See other Escapees blogs for details”.  Those attending are all marked with ‘**’.

However, since one of my main objectives in blogging is to maintain a family history for future years and a central repository of key photos I’ll jump in to some highlights….

Saturday, 9/10, was a dreary day in terms of weather but still great for enjoying time with friends.


We decided to take in some of the great Amish food in the area, travelling with Jim and Dee Walters to Das Dutchman Essenhaus in Middlebury.


The food is served family style or off-menu.  We chose family style.  It was absolutely delicious but the desserts included were just plain amazing.  Dee enjoyed the shoofly pie so much that we stopped by the bakery on the way out so she could buy a pie to take back.


On our way home it seemed the sun was battling to make a showing, just in time to set.


Sunday, kickoff day for the Escapade, it was obvious, just how big this rally would be.

Ken took our neighbor, Darrell Patterson’s lead and climbed atop the motorhome to takena few shots of all the rigs crammed in all around us here at the Elkhart 4H Campground.IMG_0813


The largest building was packed to capacity for the Opening Ceremonies.


On Monday, we got up early to be sure that we were registered for a visit from the honey wagon.  I’d rather pay $18 for a mid week dump rather than have to scrimp on my shower time all week!!

Ken then had to remove our ‘RV Dreamers’ identification ribbon on the rig and replace it with the tag used by the honey wagon to find the rigs they were scheduled to dump.



We got a surprise when Linda and Howard Payne came in for a one day visit.

Linda and Jenny were obviously thrilled to see each other.


Monday evening, Howard and Linda participated in the Full Timers Panel Discussion.  Fellow RV-Dreamers, Mark and Dortha Hall (in center of picture below) also participated.


We said our ‘good byes’ to Linda and Howard after this seminar and then Ken and Dee headed off to play ‘Hand and Foot’ with a group.  I was happy to go back to the rig at this point, walk the dogs and cuddle up with my book.

As has been the case since we got hit, the Tuesday morning started out  nice and cool.  It was 57 degrees in the rig when I got up.  Ken had moved out to the couch early morning and obviously he and Sox considered 57 degrees a bit too cool since they were really bundled up together!!


And so, it’s time to sign off and enjoy the rest of Tuesday.  I suppose we’ll have to get back to reality and do a Walmart run, maybe a little cleaning in between all the fun stuff.



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Nancy and Bill said...

Hi Cindy,

Keep the posts coming.

Those of us stuck in the S&B and full-time "work" survive by reading all the blogs!! The Escapade looks like lots of fun. We will have to put that on our "to do" list!

Safe Travels and Happy Trails......