Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Saturday ‘Grooms Side’ Shower

On Saturday, September 25th, a shower was thrown for Jenni, our son, Kyle’s bride-to-be. The shower was hosted by some of Kyle’s aunts and cousins.

Here is Jenni with the the hostesses from left to right, Cousin Erin, Aunt Mary (Ken’s sister), Godmother Sheila (my niece), Jenni, Aunt Lois (Ken’s sister), Aunt Betty (my sister) and Aunt Kathleen (my sister). IMG_0945

The ladies had a wonderful luncheon of tuna salad and fruit. The big hit though was the special homemade pistachio dessert from Aunt Kathleen’s kitchen. It’s a combination of ice cream, pistachio pudding, whipped cream with a crushed Heath bar topping and a buttery Ritz cracker crust – quite the rave. It was chosen, of course, since Jenni’s ‘highlight’ color for the wedding is pistachio green.


There were games and lots of socializing among all Jenni’s soon-to-be relatives.


A lovely day put together by lovely ladies. Thanks to all!!

Hugs, C

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