Saturday, September 11, 2010

Escapade “Pre-Gaming”

We arrived in Elkhart Campground late Wednesday afternoon.  We were not particularly thrilled by the front desk greeting at this park.  They weren’t busy at the time but still did not seem particularly friendly or interested in answering questions for us.

Luckily, I just dialed Dee Walters number, one of out RV-Dreamer buddies and she was able to tell us which sites were near the group we were meeting here.

We pulled in and said our “hellos”.  Since the group was on the way out to an Amish dinner, we had time on our own to get set up and then head to “Between the Buns” for dinner.  Good pub food but not a lot different from most sports bar/restaurants.

We slept in Thursday and then did some exploring on our own in the area since we wanted to check out some of the RV salvage supply shops and also wanted to get our bearings on the route to the fairground since some folks wanted to meet us along the route.  As it turned out the route identified was a disaster with construction.  With 14 rigs already trying to do the 20 miles together from Elkhart campground, we had to nix plans for meeting anyone else along the way.

Ken and I enjoyed the ‘soup-salad-breadsticks’ lunch at Olive Garden and then after a grocery store stop got back to the rig in time for happy hour.


Most of the folks are also bloggers so if you look to the left of this blog, any of those blogs marked with ‘**’ are folks that are part of the group and have lots more pictures and info on our activities here.

We went out to dinner Thursday evening at Culvers with Dee and Jim Walter.  I’ve never eaten at a Culvers so it was quite a treat for me.

Friday was a new experience for us in trying to do a caravan 20 miles.  We did a relatively good job of staying together, with 9 of us, who are in the area with no sewer, now parked together next to the ‘Rabbit’ building at the fairground.  The four in our group that have full hookups were able to get together but about 2 blocks away from us.  They had quite a scare when ‘Mac’ (Gregg McHenry) had a health emergency and ended up being transported to the local hospital.  He’s been released and we were happy to see him bouncing around in his golfcart this morning.


So now the Happy Hours are looking much the same except they are simply set up outside the rabbit hutches!


It’s been really great to finally meet so many of the folks with whom I’ve communicated online for years.

It seems a bit strange to be heading in to a September weekend without preparing for a football game.  We did get a reminder of that as the Goodyear blimp passed over us on its way to the Notre Dame game.


It’s now Saturday and raining.  I washed some of the inside windows this morning and then Ken walked the dogs and me over to the hospitality area where I stayed to catch up online.  Where we are parked the wifi is not good, but excellent here in the main buildings.

We’ve plans again tonight to head out for dinner and meantime, Ken is going to watch some of the college games while I finish my latest favorite book “The Lacuna” by Barbara Kingsolver (Thanks Joann and Laurie for the recommendation!)



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