Tuesday, October 19, 2010

From the Wedding to Tennessee

On Tuesday morning, October 11th, we did the final wedding closeout activities.  This included getting Kyle and Jenni off to the county courthouse to register their marriage license and getting Grandpa’s Chevy back on the trailer and headed back to Springfield, MO with Alan and Nancy.



Ken and I were on the road about 10:30, leaving Trev at home to hold down the fort while he studied for his final CPA exam.

We pulled in to Duck Creek RV Park at about 4:30, once again making this 300 miles at our average 50 mph.  We’d stayed at Duck Creek before and found it to be easy off and on for an overnight stop. 


We decided to try out Show-Me’s just down the road for dinner.  This is a sport’s bar much like Hooters.   The food was good, and the service friendly—maybe too friendly since I was one of the few women in the place but the waitress sure went out of her way to make Ken feel welcome!

The other reason we really like Duck Creek is because they have a fenced dog run where Ditka and Sox can get off-leash for a bit and work off all that pent up energy from a travel day.

Sox had lots of fun exploring every square foot of free space.



However, since Ditka was still very limited in movement from his surgery, he did a bit of exploring and then parked himself back at the gate, making it clear he was ready to go back to the rig.



Because we were parked halfway between their wifi boosters our signal was really poor.  As a result, I got up early Wednesday and headed up in front of the office with my coffee to the patio area and got my internet fix.  They have a really comfy place to sit so it was a great start to the day.


Before we pulled out I got this shot of our neighbor.  Looks to me like a close relative to Myrddin, the 1992 Beaver, belong to our friends Jim and Linda.


We got back on the road at about 9:00 am.

After hearing of some problems Arlene and Kevin had in getting in to their reserved site at Defeated Creek, I maintained contact with the folks already in the campground via Facebook and was informed by about 11am that our campsite had been vacated and was ready for our arrival.

Unfortunately we hit a traffic jam where a semi had dumped a huge roll of steel in the middle of I-40 and so we sat in traffic for about an hour.   We arrived at Defeated Creek COE at about 2:30, setting up in the site we’d picked out the last time we were here, #38, with a beautiful view over the lake.



We were set up in time to make it over to 4:30 happy hour, of course!  Since it was our travelling day we were not expected to contribute to the evenings cooking and got to enjoy some really luscious barbeque ribs, chicken, potatoes and a variety of great covered dishes.

The folks attending included (click names to get to the blogs):

Lisa and Tony Hembree, our hosts, along with their darling sons Tez and

Doug and JoAnn Dubroullet

John and Sandy Byrnes

Arlene and Kevin Sullivan

Gregg(Mac) and Lynette(Netters) McHenry

Paul and Mary(Natasha) Witwer

Ellie and Jim Meacham

Donna and Nolan Stenger

Kathy and Chuck Donley

Don and Jenny Manuel (we just missed them as they left the day we arrived!)

The folks from left to right:  Mac ,  Kathy, Tony and Lisa (our hosts!), Sandy, Ellie and me.



From left, Doug, Jim, JoAnn, Mac, John and Chuck.



Tomorrow I’ll summarize the highlights of this great informal get-together at one of our very favorite parks.


Hugs, C


Paul and Mary said...

Busy, busy, busy!!!!

Jim and Dee said...

It looks like a great group. I'm so glad you got to go.