Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kyle and Jenni’s Wedding Part 3, the Reception

The wedding receptions was held at the Oakley-Lindsay Center.  I have never been to a reception at this convention center and was very impressed with the way it looked when Ken and I arrived at 6:30.  Everything was ready to go and the candlelit atmosphere made for a perfectly elegant setting. 

Kyle and Jenni had spent a lot of time getting this just the way they wanted them for this party and I think their attention to detail showed.

The cake had a beautiful contemporary statue atop four layers decorated in the black/white brocade theme.  The kids also included cupcakes for the young guests decorated in themes close to Kyle’s heart….soccer, basketball, etc.,


The ceiling was hung with draping black and white banners with sparkling white lights hanging down.

A large video screen looped through a slide show of pictures of Kyle and Jenny with some of their favorite quotes and sayings interspersed.

The buffet table was arranged in a cross-shape in the center of the hall.  The buffet included a variety of beef, ham and turkey sandwich materials and condiments, a variety of cheeses, hot wings, stuffed mushrooms and fruits and vegetables with complimenting dips.

The kids chose Hyvee as caterer since both had worked there (but at different stores) during high school and college and knew the catering manager since that is one of the people Kyle had actually worked for.  They did an excellent job of presentation.







The caterer even included this monogrammed ice sculpture as a gift to Kyle and Jenni.  They had it lighted from below making it the perfect centerpiece in the reception hall.








I apologize for quality of many of these pictures since the lighting while perfect for the setting was definitely not good for us amateur photographers.

At 7:15 the wedding party was introduced and we took our seats. Trevor did a great job of acting as MC for this part of the evening.  Jenni and Kyle had picked song clips for each couple’s entrance.  For us there was ‘On the Road Again’ by Canned Heat.  Fitting since the answer to where are your Mom and Dad is usually, they are ‘On the Road Again’!! 



Once we were all seated, Daddy Richmiller,  the matron of honor and best man did their toasts.  Since he wouldn’t tell me what he was going to say, Trevor had me a bit concerned about this part of the evening but he did a wonderful job.  He jabbed Kyle a bit about getting married being the first thing that Kyle could actually beat him at.  But then he also said that he knew that Kyle had found someone special when his brother’s post-law school doldrums seem to disintegrate and he seemed so genuinely happy once she had come in to his life.  He thanked Jenni for that and welcomed her to the family.





After the wedding party went through the buffet line it was soon time for the couple’s first dance.














Kyle and I danced to ‘Biggest Fan’ by BackStreet Boys.  Definitely not Kyle’s kind of music but the lyrics are really special for a ‘sports mom’.







My little great-nieces planted themselves at the end of the dance floor so they could take in this part of the festivities.


Kyle probably spent more time on the dance floor than he’d ever had to do before.  Here he is enjoying a special moment with cousin, Erin.


The little nieces and Kyle’s godmother, Sheila, got in a dance with the groom as well.  The really cute part of this was that Calleigh went back to the table after and told her grandma that she got to dance with the prince!


Jenni had no shortage of partners on the dance floor.  Here she is sharing a dance with her brother, Josh.




Some of the guys had rather strange ways of bribing Jenni to dance with them!!



It was then time for cutting the cake.  The different layers were different flavors.  I hadn’t known this is what they ordered but heard from guests how much they enjoyed the cake.  I have to admit I didn’t get a chance to sit down and sample any of the the food all evening, although it did seem there was always someone placing a drink in my hand!



Kyle and Jenni spent a lot of their time moving among their tables greeting their guests.






Brother Josh was nice trying to look innocent here when caught doing some two-fisted drinking.









Ring bearer, Oaklee, slipped in to something more comfortable and looked like he might be sleeping with his eyes open!


As they evening came to an end, some of the potential bride n grooms in our family decided to practice their own version of ‘cutting the cake’.

Jona got BJ good with the icing but nothing compared to what Leah did to Trevor!





Luckily, Luke stepped in and got the boys cleaned up.  I’m hoping they all got this out of their systems before their real weddings!


Once again, my angel Lois has stepped in and gotten all of the gifts loaded in to her car so when the lights when on and it was time to clear out, we really had little to do before leaving.  We joined the wedding party for a nightcap at the Heartland Saloon and then headed home.  I think Ken and I were both asleep the minute our heads hit the pillow.

We could not have asked for a nicer wedding day for our son!

Hugs, C

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