Friday, October 15, 2010

Kyle and Jenni’s Wedding – Part 2, Ceremony, Dinner and River

I apologize in advance that there are few shots from the actual ceremony here since we ran out of batteries almost as soon as the service began! 

Both sides of the aisles were filled with family and friends. The music for the ceremony was all classical and the wedding march came off elegantly, well will some minor comic relief as Josh and JP pulled the wagon with a screaming ring bearer up the aisle. 

Jenny was breathtakingly beautiful on her Daddy’s arm with her signature mile-wide smile.



There were some glassy eyes as the happy couple exchanged their vows, including Mom and Jenny.



Jenny and Kyle had done a lovely job of organizing the ceremony.  There were a couple of cute episodes though.  The petitions were very well written and focused on prayers for family, friends, dearly departed, and those in their professions of teacher and attorney.  What was funny was the fact that the prayer beseeching help for attorneys seemed to be like twice as long as the others asking for a great variety of help for those in this profession – that got its fair share of chuckles from those in the pews!!  At the end of the ceremony, Fr. Bauer had the couple sign the wedding license along with the best man and matron of honor.  He then handed it to Trevor, the best man for safekeeping.  Yeah-right!!  Again, a group chuckle came from the guests who obviously found it pretty silly that Trevor would be safeguarding this for Kyle and Jenni!  My sons’ reputations apparently have preceded them!

At the end of the ceremony, the new Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Frericks greeted their guests in a reception line.  The guests then waited outside with little bottles of bubbles blowing and applauds for the ‘first kiss’ as man and wife as Kyle and Jenni stepped out of the church.


As is tradition, Grandpa Joe’s 1931 Chevy awaited. 


Best man Trevor rode shotgun for Uncle Alan.  What we thought was going to be a trip around the block turned out to be a trip through town, across the Mississippi River to Missouri and back.


For the next hour and a half the wedding party spent time inside the church for pictures and then went to John Wood Mansion for more pictures.  This was time for Ken and I to slip out to get a small amount of down time so we’ll have to post Maria’s pictures at a later time since I hear these are probably the best of the whole day.

At 4:30 the wedding party descended on the Fuji Steakhouse for dinner.  Bridesmaid Katie’s boyfriend Michael was not able to get off work for this part but decided to contribute by buying Jenni a snuggly to wear during the dinner since the Japanese chefs here are known for throwing a lot of food and drink at the diners.  That turned out to be a very good idea!

IMG_1134 IMG_1128

Trevor, Leah and Erin were doing a great job of catching every bit of food launched and Saki squired in their direction.



As you can see from this picture, Aaron was doing a fine job of gulping down the streams of Saki as well although the chef seemed to lose aim with Luke and shot a bunch of Saki right up his nose!!



From the look on his face, I’d say that Chad caught his fair share of Saki as well!


This was one of the few times Maria got a chance to put down the camera and enjoy some time with fiance, Josh.  That was pretty precious time since he’d be heading back to Iraq in a few days.


When it was time to leave, the groomsmen and ushers all decided to do a Saki Bomb toast.  Based on the look on some of their faces I’m sure glad we decided not to participate!


After the dinner, the bridal party headed down to Clatt Adams park for some sunset river pictures.  Again, Ken and I decided to use this time to run by the house so we don’t have any of the group pictures yet but Jayne did an awesome job of getting some side shots that I wanted to include…




Jenni’s Mom and Dad, Donna and Danny






Ringbearer Oaklee’s proud parents, Carol and Shannon Donley










Jayne and Chad Collier


Michael Lantz and Katie Abbott


Erin and Casey Kline


But, I must say that Jayne captured one of my favorite photos of the day so far.  Here you see Papa Richmiller caught in a private moment of reflection looking out in to the sunset on the day of his only daughter’s wedding.  Priceless!!


Next post we’ll move on to the reception!


Hugs, C

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Margie M. said...

Those were some lovely pics, especially those with the bride and groom. The last pic was indeed priceless. Wonder what he was thinking? Probably something like, "Where did all the years go? Seems like she was just a baby." I'm looking forward to the rest of the photos.