Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kyle and Jenni’s Wedding – Part 1, Before the Ceremony

If we would have been able to put in a detailed order for a perfect autumn day, October 9th could not have been any better.  Ken was up early and caught one of the last blooms on our patio hibiscus enjoy the morning shade.


Jenni and the bridesmaids were off early to the Designer’s Edge Salon for hair, makeup, nails and even a bit of handheld spray-tanning.  While enjoying all this pampering, they were also treated to mimosa’s, chocolate dipped strawberries and other little delicacies to start of their special day.





I must say though that from the look on Erin’s face, ‘pampered’ might not have been the particular word on her mind. In fact, she kept reminding us as she made hair and clothing adjustments during the day that ‘Beauty is Pain’!






While we had been invited to the Designer’s Edge, I respectfully declined since I can’t remember the last time I had anyone mess with my hair except my very special friend, Cheryl.  Cheryl started doing my hair before Ken and I had even met so its been over 30 years and we’ve developed a really close friendship over those years.  Cheryl not only did my hair for me on her day off and as a special gift to me but also had champagne waiting for Leah and I when we arrived.  We had lots of fun girl talk while Cheryl wrestled me in to the requisite ‘up-do’.


We got back home with just enough time for me to slip in to my dress before it was time to leave.  Ken had done an awesome job of getting the groom and his men suited up properly in their tuxes and out the door.

Chris’ girlfriend, Courtney, got this shot of Ken, Trev and me, just as we were headed out the door.


When we arrived at the church, the ladies were in Madison Park next door finishing off pictures with the bride.  Kyle and Jenni’s future sister-in-law, Maria, (Josh proposed last month) was the photographer.  Her mother was acting as photographer’s assistance.  I haven’t seen the 1400+ pictures yet but I can’t say enough good things about what an awesome job Maria did.  This was the first time she performed in this role but I think everyone would agree that she has found her niche as a professional photographer.






Here’s two proud papa’s!  Papa Kenny looking quite happy beside his new little girl, Jenni, and Papa Danny looking proud as punch off his absolutely gorgeous baby girl.









Once the ‘ladies side’ of the pictures were complete they retreated to the brides room below the church.  Jenni was especially careful to be sure that Kyle did not see her before the ceremony!



The girls wouldn’t let Jenni sit down in her dress and wrinkle her train so they compromised and threw the back of the dress over the chair.








Grandma Lewis dropped by the bride’s room for pictures with her lovely daughter and granddaughter.






In the picture below, I’m standing with my ‘wedding angel’.  Ken’s sister, Lois, stepped up to act as wedding coordinator for the day.  She not only did the appointed jobs like getting the food to the groom’s room and insuring all Jenni’s handmade corsages and boutonniere’s got on to the right folks in the right way, but was always ahead of the game on any number of things like last minute re-organizing of the guest book to eliminate the queue outside of the church, waiting in back of church so she could poof and straighten Jenni’s train just before she went down the aisle and then making sure the bride and groom’s rooms were cleaned out after the ceremony.  It was so very nice all day to have someone watching over things and stepping in for the little things that needed attention.  If she and her daughter, Erin, ever decided to have different careers, they’d get really high marks as wedding coordinators/consultants!


And, here’s a shot they got of me with Lois’ daughter, Erin, the closest I’ve had to my own baby girl up until now.  Erin and  BJ, Kyle and Trevor group up very close as no other cousins were close in age and they spend a lot of time together.  It’s wonderful to have such close family!







Kyle appeared to be amazingly calm, cool and collected before the ceremony.  Perhaps it had something to do with having sent Aunt Lois out for beer for the groom’s room!!








The big guy got in a bear hug with his soon-to-be brothers-in-law, JP and Josh.



Apparently the reality of where he was and what he was doing ‘hit’ Kyle big time just minutes before the ceremony.  As usual, his ‘brother’ Luke came through and took good care of him.



Ringbearer, Oaklee, also seemed to be coming down with pre-wedding “I Don’t Think I Want to Be Here’’s  and stayed pretty close to Daddy Shannon.


The guys had Kyle surrounded.  It might take all of them but he wasn’t going anywhere!!


Back in the groom’s room, we ladies were bugging our guys for photos with them looking so ‘all dressed up’ and handsome. 

Here’s Leah with Trevor.


Then me with Leah.IMG_1094 



Even Luke’s Mom, Bonnie, dropped by for a shot with her special guy.









Meanwhile, Ken’s brother, Alan and his wife, Nancy, had arrived with the Frericks Chevy.  This 1931 vehicle was purchase new by Ken and Alan’s dad, Joe and has been in the family ever since.  Alan and Nancy have been wonderful about maintaining tradition and just like it was for Grandma Milly and Grandpa Joe using it to transport the newly married couple away from church.


Below, Aunt Nancy supervises as Uncle Alan attaches the ‘Just Married’ sign to the back of the Chevy.





And, in the final moments  before the wedding march begins, Oaklee is bribed with a sucker!!









Next time….the ceremony!!

Hugs, C

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