Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Art of Borrego Springs, Human and Otherwise

(Borrego Springs, CA) On Monday, we jumped into the Dubrouillet’s truck to explore Borrego Springs, in search of the variety of sculptures scattered across the valley.


The sculptures are located on lands known as Galletta Meadows.


The sculptures are representative of the animals, both current and prehistoric that are native of the area, as well as key points in human history.


One of our favorites is a very detailed representation of a couple doing some jeep rock-climbing in the area.


It’s really a full day trip to follow the map of all the sculptures which are both north and south of town. 

Some of the sculptures to the north are near the country club so we drove through to have a look.  There were some absolutely gorgeous homes.


Can you imagine what it takes to keep a fairway this lush and green in the desert!


After finishing our explortations on the north side of town we decided to stop for lunch as one of JoAnn and Doug ‘s recommendations,  Los Jilbertos, where they have the best fish tacos Ken and I have ever eaten.


We also did some browsing in the Mall.


Many of the sculptures on the south side of town were the prehistoric animals like the mammoth Ken and I posed in front of here.


Our favorite on the south side of town was this giant bird feeding her two young a snake.


The details is absolutely amazing.


We decided to head back to the rigs and take a short break and switch over to the jeep for a late afternoon trip to Font’s Point that overlooks the Borrego Badlands.


It was yet another wonderfully, wild landscape, nothing like we were sitting in only 7 or so miles away.





I’ll leave you tonight with a shot of Ken enjoying looking out over the Borrego Badlands.








Hugs, C


Hembree said...

Frame that last pic of Ken....fantastic!!!

Gail and Rick said...

Loved, loved, loved the sculptures! The last pic of Ken was pretty cool too :)

Jim and Dee said...

I never knew those sculptures were there. I haven't seen them on other blogs either, thanks for taking us with you. I love that pic of Ken, what a great one for the desktop or the blog pic. wow good job.

Anonymous said...

The sculptures around Borrego Springs are a treasure. You can visit the Galetta Meadows web site and see maps and photos of the sculptures.