Sunday, February 20, 2011

Eat-n-Sleep Days

(Tucson, AZ)  Ken and I have found that its important after travel and exploring days to have what Ken terms his ‘Eat N Sleep’ Days. 

We had intended to have such a day after our Thursday drive to Tucson but it just seemed to evolved in to 2 days.  If you follow the blog you’ve noticed that I’ve actually written 5 blogs in the last couple of days using the time for catch up.  We also did all those things that needed to be done once we were back in cell phone range, including bill paying, phone calls back home, etc.,

On Friday night Ken and I decided to try our luck at a Mexican restaurant that was just down from the campground named Los Nopales.  It was a very small ‘hole in the wall’ spot that had great reviews.  The online reviews really came through for us on this one.  We tried a Tucson Mexican specialty called a Cheese Crisp.  This restaurant was reported to have the best.  These are great, sort of a mix between a pizza and a quesadilla, about $4.50 on the menu depending on toppings.  And, believe me, a small crisp is enough for a meal.  Ken and I ordered a small cheese and pepper crisp to share  as an appetizer and by the time our dinners came, I couldn’t eat anymore!  Ken had a really great steak fajita plate and I had a 3 cheese burro that  Ken ended up enjoying later  as his midnight snack since I couldn’t do much more than taste it I was so full.  Ken and I would go as far as to say this is the best Mexican we’ve had since we started our trip to the Southwest.  The restaurant is only open until 7:30 so we went at 5:30. I’m glad since it was packed the entire time we were there.

Saturday, we did actually socialize with others a bit, going out to eat with JoAnn and Doug, and Sandy and John at another restaurant just down the road from the campground called Coyote Pause.


We had good service and the food was good but the highlight was getting to have some time with these two great full-timing couples.  


Staying true to form, wanting to try flavors unique to the area, I  had taken the time to check out their menu online in advance and ordered their special Sonoran meatloaf which gets a unique southwest flavor by adding nopalitos with a prickly pear/tomato glaze.  Ken had the steak special but was much more impressed with my meatloaf. 

On the way home, as the sun was setting, the clouds were really starting to drop in over the mountains.


There was 50% chance of rain in the forecast and it looked to be on the way.



Hugs, C

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