Saturday, February 19, 2011

Last Day in Why

(Tucson, AZ)   A slow and easy Wednesday morning evolved in to a slow and easy day. 

Ken really enjoyed the morning dog walks at Hickiwan Trails since they normally spent about an hour shooting the breeze over at the fountain that seemed to be the gathering spot for the guys to have their morning coffee.  It was directly in front of our site so Ken could easily come back in for periodic coffee refills.


Meanwhile, I was enjoying my coffee time watching this little Gila Woodpecker trying to peck his way in to our electrical box.


It ended up being a late breakfast but the kind I enjoy when we both cook together, playing around with some variations on a western omelet with toast.

Then, as I’ve suspected, nearby tools must have given off some sort of scent tied to testosterone because as soon as one of our neighbors pulled out his toolbox he was surrounded by men!


We had originally planned to drive over to Bates Well to check out some boondocking sites we’d heard about.  However, we  talked about it further at lunch and decided that because of the border/drug war issues,  if we came back to this area, unless we came with a group, we would prefer Hickiwan Trails or the campground in the national park.  We are just not quite brave enough to be all by our lonesomes miles from anyone else in the part of this country. 

This meant we could change our afternoon plans and decided to take a long walk in the desert directly out of the RV park.


I had hoped we might catch up with some of the dozens of burros that frequent the park, but, once again, they must have known I had my camera and kept out of sight.

That’s not to say we did not have some company on the trail, like these cute little Gambel’s quail.   I love their cute little top knots!


We are very slowly getting better acquainted with the desert and are now noticing that the small saguaro and barrel cactus always seem to have a mesquite, creosote or palo verde as their nurse plant.   The little guy below is called a fishhook barrel cactus.


Here’s his big sister with a nice big showing of fruit.


We had another enjoyable meal with Ken making a great salmon fillet sauteed in olive oil, garlic and rosemary with me adding some fresh garlic mashed potatoes and green beens with ham and onions. 

I heard the burros braying shortly after dinner and took my lawn chair and camera and sat quietly behind our RV since they often came right up that path in the evening.   I watched their shadows in the distance as they grazed around a small water area about a block away.  However, once again they never came close enough to attempt any night photography.   I guess that clinches the need for us to come back to this area.  I’m intent on getting that wild burro photo!!

Instead, I’ll end this lovely lazy day with yet another photo of the lovely living desert on the Tohono O’Odham reservation.


Hugs, C

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Jim and Dee said...

Thanks for the updates on the blog. It's great to see what you're learning about the dessert.