Saturday, February 5, 2011

Borrego Browsing and a Trip to Jojoba Hills

(Borrego Springs, CA) Thursday was a Borrego browsing day for us.  They have a wonderful farmers market in Christmas Circle, the center of the roundabout in town.  There are marvelous, unique foods to sample, like avocado tamales, whipped raspberry honey, and amazing salsas and jams.   Of course, this is not really a place for bargains.  For example, the organic, free-range brown eggs were $5 a dozen. 


It was a really enjoyable time.  We ran in to Marlene and Richard Dopp who told us about a VFW Bargain Barn nearby so we stopped by there and I found a few more books to pile next to the bed at 4/$1. We then visited Los Jilberto’s again to be sure that there fish tacos were really as good as they were a few days earlier.  I also bought a southwestern drink, agua fresca de tamarindo with 4 straws so we all could sample.  It was unanimous that this is quite refreshing, a bit like a southern sweet tea but with its own unique taste from the tamarind pods.

After lunch, we drove to visit the Dopp’s at their boondocking site.  They offered desert with coffee and some really awesome homemade cinnamon rolls they had picked up at the farmers market.  It was amazing the wildlife that happened by as we sat there.  There was a really large jack rabbit that hopped past, hummingbirds and as many as 8 finches at a time at their feeder.

Since we had a busy Saturday planned, we turned in to our rigs early.

Saturday we were on the road by 8:30 to travel ‘over the mountain’ to Temecula.  This was the closest Wal-mart where Doug could refill prescription and also the closest place where we could get the special dog food Ditka has to have since he is allergic to chicken, corn and fish.

Jo and Fred invited us to join them and a couple of other couples at a Mexican restaurant in Temecula and then invited us to come visit out at Jojoba Hills, the nearby SKP Co-op. 

Here you have JoAnn and Doug, with Jo (with the absolutely adorable little BooBoo), Don Pippin, Fred and Ken.  Don and his wife Stella are friends with Doug and JoAnn and since Stella was off to town for some grocery shopping, Don offered to drive us around for a tour of the community.  In fact, the Pippins had only arrived a few days earlier and were still in the bookdock overflow area, waiting for a site to open up in the main park.


Since we really liked the Benson SKP Co-op, I really looked forward to having a look at Jojoba Hills. 

This community is perched on a hill and terraced in such a way that most spots have gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains.

There’s a very nice community center.


With the most beautiful pool setting I’ve encountered at an RV community.  What a gorgeous place to lounge away an afternoon! 




Besides the hot tub area by the pool there is also a separate hot tub in the shaded area for those wanting to enjoy the relaxing warm whirlpool without the sun.   Ken had to check the water temp, which he reported as ‘perfect’!

There’s a full exercise/weight room poolside as well as, another favorite spot,  this beautiful lending library.


For times when you are more energetic there is  a huge, craft area including this sewing room which had at least a dozen stations with central cutting tables and great lighting.





We ended up back at the Wishnie rig to say our good-byes.  See ya down the road, Boo Boo!!




We got back over the mountain in time to get this shot of the Saturday night sunset.


Hugs, C


Gin and Syl said...

We definitely want to check out the SKP Parks. Thanks for the good info. It sounds like a nice idea to have a home base at some point in the future.

Frerx Adventures said...

Yes, Syl. We think the SKP Co-ops are a great idea. For us we don't expect we'd be interested in staying one place for many years yet. However, when you consider that our favorite in Benson has a 7-10 year waiting list. It definitely warrants early investigation!
Hugs, C