Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Could it Be? We Are Actually Slowing Down!

(Tucson, AZ)  We are often told that we are in vacation mode compared to full-time RV mode because we move a lot and are usually sightseeing.  We are seeing that we are finally slowing down and just having some ‘normal’ days at ‘home’ after 2 months on the road.

Monday we spent a quiet day around the rig  while I caught up on some work I needed to attend to via the laptop.

We drove over to Valencia drive, about 10 miles, to visit the nearest Walmart for a few sundries and items for our planned evening barbeque.

JoAnn and Doug, and Sandy and John, arrived at 5pm.

We had set up to eat outside.   I guess we are still in Illinois mode because it felt quite comfortable to us outside but everyone else seemed chilled at mid-50 degrees so we picked up and moved indoors.  This was probably a good idea since everyone was able to comfortably enjoy a delicious spread and spend plenty of time with after-dinner shooting-the-breeze that might have been shorter outside as the night-time desert cold dropped in.

Ken provided his signature chicken breasts with Monterey jack cheese  and peppers topping.   I added cheesy red potatoes.  Sandy brought a macaroni salad and broccoli salad.  JoAnn added a fruit salad and homemade chocolate cheesecake.

You’ll notice that blur in the middle of the picture below…






It’s Sox who decides to temporarily give up her cushy spot cuddling with Sandy to see if she and Ditka might look just needy enough to get some goodies from JoAnn. 

Of course, Fillmore’s mom knows that its a big no-no for furkids to have chocolate, no matter how cute they try to be.




We had a really enjoyable visit and then said our ‘see ya down the road’s since we expected to head out Wednesday morning.

Tuesday, Ken packed up outside while I checked out our next stop up toward the Sedona area, and created some documents to send to the Tucson Staples for printing.  Doing some quick internet searches, I laid out a lunchtime outing, Staples stop and Trader Joe’s stop all on North Campbell Drive.

Again the online reviews from Tripadvisor, Urbanspoon and Yelp sent us the right direction when it comes to great eating.




Opa! is a very nice Greek restaurant directly in front of Staples on North Campbell.

Ken and I both like Greek and haven’t been to a Greek restaurant since before we left Quincy.

While you are going to spend about $10 -$13per meal here plus drink, which is a bit more than we normally do at lunch it was definitely worth it.

Both Ken and I were particularly impressed with the freshness, flavor and quantity of vegetables as well as the seasoning.

I have been watching carbs lately and picked this cafe because they feature low carb selections.  I had the filet mignon low carb plate which was absolutely awesome!


Tuesday evening when we watched the local weather we got an unexpected surprise.  Winds were suppose to be very gusty on Wednesday afternoon.  Wouldn’t you know it—windy the one day of the week we were planning our drive.

Since we were in no hurry we decided to postpone our departure one more day. Although Ken had everything packed up outdoors, we really didn’t have to unpack just to stay on more day.  We had laundry to do and thought it might be a good idea to get the furkids in for some general maintenance (bath, ears, teeth, nails) so we had plenty to occupy ourselves for one more day.

So, yes, we are definitely slowing down!

In fact, our next stop is Distant Drums RV Park, in Camp Verde, AZ.  We know we want to stay at least 4 nights so I’m thinking we might as well take advantage of the much better weekly rate.  

Hugs, C


Myrddin said...

Glad to hear you're finally slowing down. :-)

Time to smell the roses.


Doug & JoAnn said...

We really enjoyed spending time with you again! You'll find plenty of things to occupy your time for a week in the Sedona/Camp Verde area!

The Happy Wanderers said...

Hi Guys, Do NOT miss the Talaquapaqua Art Village. I didn't spell it correctly but you get the idea. Also the beautiful "Chapel in the Rock", a very spiritual place for sure. Take a drive up Oak Creek Canyon, in your Jeep, NOT the RV.
Sedona is a wonderful place. Enjoy!
Hugs to both of you,
E & M