Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's a Little Cold to Be Taking That Coat Off!!!

Ditka, in typical contrary fashion, decided this cold weather is a perfect time to 'blow coat', when it is too cold to brush him outside. When people say Shiba's don't look like they would shed much, I need to have this picture to pull out and show them!

Ken has gotten this much fur off of him daily this'd think he'd be bald by now!! Thank goodness they only blow coat twice a year.

Since Thanksgiving weekend when we had the last football game, we've spent more consecutive days back at 'the nest' than any other time since I retired. Ken has used the time to complete winterizing and various maintenance actitivies he had lined up for the motorhome.

We've had our first snowfall but the blizzard threat earlier this week turned out to be mostly wind and low temperatures with little snow.

Here's the view into our backyard and on to the golf course.

Sox was not pleased to be put out to do her business in that cold and snow.

I can imagine she's wondering why we drove that motorhome back here to cold Quincy when it could have just as easily have turned South!!

Hugs, C

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