Monday, December 28, 2009

A Ring for Jenni!

On Christmas Eve our oldest son, Kyle, proposed to the love of his life, Jenni Richmiller.
In keeping with tradition, Kyle had asked permission of Jenni’s father, Danny, the week before and brought the ring home on December 23rd. I knew this was coming since I had been in discussions with Kyle on the type of ring and diamond since before Thanksgiving.

He had quickly become an expert on the 4 'C's of diamond buying and in the end chose a high quality diamond and brought in to Carlinville to be mounted by the local jeweler. He chose a solitaire diamond just over 1 carat that is an Asscher cut which has a really beautiful firey brilliance with all its added facets.

He was going to wait until after the holidays to give Jenni the ring. I kept coming up with ideas of how he could give it to her in unique ways over the holidays so that they could make the announcement amidst holiday family and friend festivities. Kyle didn’t like the idea of making it a public proposal but in the end the ring was burning a whole in his pocket and so he proposed on Christmas Eve when he found a time that none of us were around.

Since Jenni’s two brothers are both in the Army, they are planning an October 2010 wedding since that seems to be the most likely time that neither will be deployed. Now the fun begins trying to coordinate the church, reception hall, bridal party, etc., They’ve already gotten a good start on the planning and I’m trying very hard now to stay in the background and let them do it their way like a good ‘Mother of the Groom’ should do. They have asked me to make some contacts of various reception halls and places for dinners this week so I will get my ‘fix’ of being part of the project!

It’s exciting to me since I now have a daughter in the family as well as the boys. But the most important part is the Jenni loves my son dearly and is very good to him.

They seem to be a perfect fit for each other and work really well as partners.

Grandma Frericks is now the only one of the grandparents still around so we got a photo with her and our new family of five at the Christmas Eve party.
Hugs, C


Jim and Dee said...

Congrats. We have two boys and only gave advice or suggestions when asked to do so. You'll have fun watching it all come together.

Anonymous said...

congrats. on your growing family.
Did you host the family x-mas again, or did another family member?