Monday, December 14, 2009

The Halls are Decked!!

I have a new appreciation for all the work Ken has gone through in past years putting up all the Christmas Decorations while I was at work.

This year Ken pulled all the decorations out of the attic for me and did the outside decorations. I told him I would take care of inside. Geez, we have a lot of decorations!! Some of our Christmas decorating schemes are getting really old and dated but since we haven't decided for sure whether we will even be here next Christmas, we are trying NOT to buy anything new. In fact, when Ken saw me taking pictures, he suggested I simply use the file from last year since everything looks the same!! (But I didn't--seemed like cheating!!)

So here's a quick tour.... From the outside the style of our house is sort of ready made for Christmas wreaths, ribbon and garland. Pretty traditional.

As you come in the front door, the foyer is decked out in ribbons and garland as well.

Here's looking down from the second floor.

The family room is where we put the primary tree with lots of homemade and special ornaments, some of which go as far back as having graced my family tree when I was little.

It's all topped with Grandma Frericks crocheted garland and tree-topper Angel.

(Oops, I see now that the dogs have once again messed up the bottom row of 'popcorn'...they love to chase each other under the tree--not my favorite of their games!!)

We have another small tree downstairs.

This year I did it completely in apple ornaments, with one of Grandma Frericks quilted tree skirts at the base. She made a tree skirt for us and each boy so right now I'm 'borrowing' from the boys to make sure both the upstairs and downstairs trees are properly attired.

From there, I've just got lots of miscellaneous decorations strewn about the house.

Here's the hutch in the kitchen with one of grandma's hand crocheted Christmas doilee and the two little Longaberger sleds my mother gave me as Christmas 'hostess' gifts back when she was still here but no longer able to host Christmas.

The hutch gets more attention during Christmas parties as its where we set out all the Christmas candies and cookies.

Over the years we have accumulated a variety of centerpieces like this one that currently resides on the kitchen bar.

As Christmas cards arrive. I like to hang them from ribbon down the sides of the kitchen doors since regardless of the type of gathering, our kitchen seems to get the most traffic.

Since most cards arrive with family pictures its a nice central location for guests to take a look at the holiday photos from other family and friends. For example, there's some great pictures of one of our newer little great nieces, Clara, who lives in Washington, DC and won't be making it to our Christmas party (I made sure to put them right at eye-level, Grandma Cindy!!)

Well as per request, that's a quick tour of some of our holiday decorations!

Hugs, C

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