Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Family Candy Company!!

Sunday was my sister Kathleen's annual Christmas Candy Factory gathering. Ken and I are lucky that since we don't yet have extended families, we are included as part of Kathleen's family. This is one of my favorite parts of the holiday because all of my sisters' kids and grandkids look forward to the event and have a really great time. There's no better example in our family of what the season is all about!

Aunts and uncles did the cooking icing and coordinated as our little nieces and nephews did the sugar cookie 'sprinkles' artwork

McKinley even enlisted help of big brother, the oldest of the nieces/nephews, Derek

Even Grandpa Walt got in to the act as Chief Fudge Pourer

My niece, Deanna, shows off the results of the days work

Thought you might like to 'sample' some of our candy factory goodies...

Here is probably the simplest, yet one of most delicious 'recipes' we make. I'm not even sure it has a name so I'm simply calling if 'Rolo Turtles'.

On a cookie sheet, you simply take some shaped pretzels (we used the holiday stars) and place one unwrapped rolo candy on the center of each pretzel. Place in a 350-degree oven for 4-5 minutes to soften the rolo. Place one pecan half over each rolo and press down to spread the softened rolo over the pretzel.
Note: per request: these holiday shape pretzels can be found at Sam's (generic). Also come in Rold Gold brand at many grocery stores.


Hugs, C


Anonymous said...

We miss seeing your christmas decorating pictures.
How is the remodeling job going?

Leno said...

Great to see the picture of that yummy pretzel you described last night. I'm not sure I have ever seen those pretty star pretzels though. Will have to look. Thanks. Leno

Jim and Dee said...

Absolutely awesome! That's a lot of candy and cookies. Love the turtles. Enjoy the goodies.

Frerx Adventures said...


My niece got 'generic' holiday pretzels in a large container at Sam's. I'm told that Rold Gold brand also has these in smaller packages and is carried in many grocery stores.

Hope that helps.

Hugs, C