Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rig Maintenance and Gift Wrapping

Ken left very early Tuesday morning, in single-digit temperatures, to go out to where the motorhome is stored. He got it warmed up and then headed to our local big-truck service center, Rick's Transit, to have annual service completed on the rig.

While the engine started without problem, the generator took a bit of coaxing and the jacks seemed a bit sluggish. Ken had picked up the dessicant filter ahead of time at Freightliner because the prior year he found out after in for service that no one in town had the right filter.
This filter is suppose to be changed every 2-3 years to keep the moisture out of the air breaks, bags, etc., Since this was the 3rd year he wanted to be sure we had the filter replaced. Lo and behold, they found out after starting service that Freightliner had provided the wrong filter. Not sure how this happened since they used the VIN# to determine the filter. Luckily, Rick's was able to locate the right filter.

Ken likes to stay around and annoy the mechanics while the are doing the service. Actually he likes to go to Rick's because they don't mind having him around learning more about the rig mechanics while they are doing the work. They serviced the engine, chassis, generator, air systems, and checked ride height.

On his way back to our storage lot, Ken drove down town to get a propane refill. He got a lot of strange looks from people, driving this big rig around in this kind of weather. I suppose they figured we should have been down south by now!

It was gift wrapping day for me. I dressed in one of my Christmas sweaters, turn on DirectTV Holiday Music channel and covered the dining room with boxes and wrapping paper, bows and ribbon.

Ken returned in time to help with a few of the last gifts...but not before I had wrapped his gift!

Today was also the day that the H1N1 vaccines were available to the general public here in Quincy so we drove downtown so I could get my vaccination. Ken had been vaccinated earlier since he qualified for the first round with a chronic health condition.

We dropped by our nutritional supplements provider, Melissa, to pick up some items Kyle had requested.

Tuesday is the night that Pop's Pizza has $10 large taco pizza's and $1 bottles of beer and margaritas so we decided that was a good excuse for eating out.

Afterward, we dropped by the local Farm and Home supply where our great-nephew, Derek, works since if was 'family night' and we got an extra 20% off. We found a couple of additional gifts so I'll be back to the my gift wrapping room!

It seems that even when we don't have much planned for the day we have full days!

Hugs, C

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