Friday, December 11, 2009

Family Milestone-Trevor's Job

There are times you look back on over the years as milestones in your family, times when you approach forks in the trail and then the course becomes clear.

Our youngest son, Trevor, has accepted a position with RSM McGladrey as an Assurance Associate. He will not actually start work until next fall. In the meantime, while he completes his MBA as part of his football scholarship, McGladrey will pay for him to do the CPA review courses, pay his expenses to take the CPA exams and even give him a bonus when he passes the exam. We are thrilled for him. Businessweek ranks McGladrey as one of the best places to start a career so I can't imagine a place I'd rather have him starting out, especially since it is in Springfield, IL, a not-too-big not-too-small city, which puts him only 30 minutes from big brother Kyle in quaint little Carlinville and 90 minutes from hometown Quincy.

We expect he'll be on the road a lot, but for a single 23 year old guy who loves to travel its all good. He's also really lucky to be able to travel out of Springfield which has great flight connections on decent size aircraft and yet is small enough to make your time from your car to your gate minimal.

In this economy, with so many new college grads struggling to find anything, getting this kind of work is a dream come true. Also, because of the time and expense involved in studying for the CPA, this job insures that Trevor stays motivated toward that goal.

Despite full time football and full time studies, Trevor stayed persistent in pursuing internships and job opportunities. He didn't ask for help or input from Mom or Dad and I had to resist the temptation to bug him about what was going on. I've found in recent years that its one thing to feel good about your children's accomplishments that you've helped them achieve but its a really special feeling to see them succeed totally on their own. I guess its our latest phase in parenting!

With Kyle now settled in to his own house and Trevor with a defined starting point in his career, our nest is soon to be permanently empty! When, after I left work, people would ask whether Ken and I planned to stay in Quincy, become fulltime RVers, keep our house, I always said that we had to see that both boys were settled somewhere after college before we would make that decision. While it will be nearly a year before Trevor is settled in to his new job, little by little it seems the stars are aligning!

Hugs, C

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