Saturday, April 17, 2010

Folly Beach, SC


On Wednesday, April 14th, we decided to take a ride to nearby Folly Beach to enjoy some ocean time.  Our timing turned out to be wonderful since not only was the beach almost deserted but up until May you are allowed to take dogs on to the beach so long as you have them on leash.


. IMG_0073  


When we noticed that this Public Safety officer was headed straight for us we figured we must be doing something that we weren’t suppose to since we’ve heard they are very attentive to keeping this beach pristine.



Instead he came up to offer us a free ‘handout’ that was donated by the ASPCA.  We already use one of these little doggie bag carriers on Sox’s leash so now we had one for Ditka as well.   We thought this  was a really nice touch that they were handing them out.  Nice to have a law enforcement officer come up, welcome you, give you something free and then wish you a good day!!


After the four of us enjoyed a long walk on the beach we decided to head to the other end of the island to see the Morris Island Lighthouse.  Beware that they are touchy about where you park in Folly Beach. 

There is this gravel lot about a block from the path to the lighthouse where you can put a folded up dollar in a metal  slot associated with your parking spaces, interesting low-tech parking meter that someone comes around and checks hourly.



It’s a 3-4 block walk to the end of the island where you have the best view of the lighthouse.

This lighthouse had been on an outlet of land but now is actually standing in the ocean.









Again, part of the reason this was such a wonderful visit for us was because we pretty much has the place to ourselves.










The lighthouse dates back to 1876 and is the object of considerable preservation efforts.





After our lighthouse visit ,we drove back to the center of Folly Beach, the small beachtown streets of shops and bars with dining available out on the sidewalks.


I had checked Tripadvisor  before we left and spied ‘Taco Boy’ a restaurant/bar that was highly related because of its great atmosphere and acclaimed fish tacos.


This was an EXCELLENT choice.  Ken and I shared an order of nachos and fish tacos.  The grilled fish taco is definitely worthy of its reputation. They also had Dos Equis dark on draft served in frosted mugs and Ken said he couldn’t remember when a beer was colder and tasted better.  This is the kind of place you could set for hours with a drink in hand and watch the people go by. Had it not been that we needed to get back to the dogs, I think we would have extended our late lunch in to dinner!

We had driven over to Folly Beach to look around rather than taking on any major sightseeing.  It ended up one of our most enjoyable days yet, relaxing, with beautiful sites, great food and an overall memorable experience.

Hugs, C

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Gin and Syl said...

Now that sounds like our kind of day! Continue to take it easy and enjoy the slow southern pace. It was nice that the officer gave you something other than a ticket. ;)