Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Last Day of the Rally and a Trip to Myrtle Beach

Here was the view when we awoke on Sunday morning, April 11th.  Definitely a foggy start.


The Rally ended with a big breakfast and time for everyone to say their ‘See Ya Down the Roads’.  RV-Dreamers don’t say good-bye since in our travels we tend to always find our way back around to meet again.

We had made arrangements before we left to try to meet my nephew, Randy and his wife, Terry after the rally.  They live in Florence, SC and their daughter Danielle lives in Myrtle Beach so we all decided to meet for lunch at Pier 14 in Myrtle Beach.

Now Facebook is a wonderful thing since even though I did not have wifi that worked, I was able to access Facebook via my Kindle.  This meant I found out before we headed in to Myrtle Beach that only the night before our great-niece, Dani had become engaged to the love-0f-her-life Payton.



Here they are showing of the ‘rock’!!




They seem to make a great couple and we are thrilled that they found each other and seem so happy.  Payton seems to be a great addition to the family.



We had so much catching up to do that I think the waitress got tired of asking us if we were ready to order since we talked so much we kept forgetting to look at the menu!


We ended up sitting outside at the restaurant for over 2 hours and really enjoyed every minute of it.  It’s really interesting how family move away you don’t see them for years and then suddenly the ‘little one’s’ have become adults in what seems like no time!    All four seem to be very happy in South Carolina and who could blame them with the lovely weather, beautiful beaches and explosion of spring flowers we’ve seen since here. 

The wedding will be next summer in the Myrtle Beach area so there will be a lot of fun planning going on amongst this group in the next year and hopefully we’ll be visiting the area again at that time!

Dani snapped this picture of Ken and I from Pier 14 with Myrtle Beach in the background.


We got back to the RV resort in time for the RV-Dreams campfire that Howard and Linda through together for those still remaining after the end of the rally.  We’d hoped to spend some time that evening learning to play the card game  ‘Hand n Foot’ but I think, like

It was a nice time to get to have a few more laughs together, and then end with some hugs and see-ya’s.

Hugs, C


Gail said...

Hi Cindy and Ken,

Was great meeting you guys at the rally. Hope we'll be able to meet again someday down the road.

Gail and Rick

Frerx Adventures said...

Same here, Gail and Rick. We really enjoyed spending time with you but maybe next time we'll know to sit at a different table if we don't want to always go to the buffet line last!!
Keep in touch. We'll be out here on the road waiting for you!!

Hugs, C

Gail said...

:) Rick said you really missed your chance...we were the first table to go for the farewell was still nice and hot :)