Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mobile Bay and Royal Red Shrimp

Ken and I decided to take advantage of what was likely our last good day of weather here at Rainbow Plantation SKP Park by heading out to explore in the jeep.

We first wanted to get some pictures of examples of  the structures on deeded lots where RVers are using this park as their home base.  These types of buildings are one kind of option people living the RV lifestyle have for maintaining some sort of home presence but still being on the road a lot. IMG_0010


Most use a design where the center of the structure where there is the most height is also where they have their 14 foot doors required for the rigs.



The advantage of being here at an ERP Park is the community activities, pool, wifi,  and secure location conducive to being on the road for extended periods.


Once out of the park, Ken and I headed toward Mobile Bay and the little town of Fairhope.  We took the great leftover pizza from the prior night as our picnic lunch and once we reached Fairhope pulled over in the bayside park to enjoy the view while eating.


Ken made friend with on of the locals who was sailing his model sailing ship in t bay waters.


While Ken was enjoying learning sailing with his new friend, I enjoyed the gorgeous rose garden.



IMG_0024 IMG_0022

Although the nasty weather was already starting to edge in, you could still see the Mobile, Alabama skyline as a background behind the real sailboats that were cruising the bay.



We made our way back to Rainbow Plantation in time to meet Joann and Doug for a trip to the Tin Top Restaurant.  Fellow RV-Dreamers, Jo and Fred and Laurie and Odel had recommended this restaurant and in particular the local special local catch, the Royal Red Shrimp.  (Note I have the links in this paragraph to all three blogs published by these couples – want to enjoy travelling, get to know folks like this through following their travels…and once in awhile like us right now you’re actually blessed to get to spend time in person!)

We left the campground just as the first round of the bad weather came through and Ken transported us through the downpours down to Bon Secour and Tin Top Restaurant. We chose to sit on the screen porch when we arrived at the restaurant which meant with the ‘tin tip’ roof we have the steady drum of the rainstorm as background music to our conversation. 

Once again, our fellow RVers lead us to a perfect meal.  Ken had the pecan crusted grouper with a   sauce and Doug had a steak. Both were very pleased.  Joann and I went for the Royal Red Shrimp.  I can’t recall ever having better shrimp.




The night did not continue so well once we got back to our rigs.  We were not asleep long before our weather radio went off with the first weather warning and it continued to go off a total of five times during the night.  We were not in the direct path of any of the warnings but it did rain and blow some. 

Since the stormy weather continued through the day we didn’t plan much except a trip in to town to restock groceries and check out the local Coleman Outlet store.  Ken also had to get his Waffle House fix for lunch!

I also had difficulties with the park wifi working, most likely due to the weather—the reason I’ve got two days combined here.

We had Doug and Joann over to our rig for dinner.  Ken figured the radar was giving positive indications that he could grill the salmon outside but he ended up getting himself pretty rainsoaked by the time it was finished!.  Joann brought some great cole slaw and a wonderful weightwatchers cake.

It was a nice evening for conversation. Joann and Doug are the only other RVers we’ve ever met with a background with Unity Church so it was nice to be able to spend time talking to kindred spirits in that regard.  In fact, Joann did a guided meditation CD that they gave us as a gift, something very special to us that we’ll enjoy together and will be an especially nice way to ‘revisit’ with Joann as we continue our journey.

It’s now early Sunday morning and we are starting to pack up to move on to Betty’s RV Park.  We’d really like to travel back to Bon Secour with Joann and Doug for Sunday brunch but the weather forecast calls for increasing winds as the day goes on so Ken wants to get on the road as early as possible.

Hugs, C

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Jim and Dee said...

Thanks for the photos of the park. Always nice to see what the SKP parks are like. See you guys soon. Jim