Monday, April 19, 2010

Last Day at Crooked River SP

We had a quiet day on Saturday, staying pretty close to the state park.

We started the morning with a visit from the ‘pet deer’ that frequents the campground.  She has no fear of people. I walked right up to her to take this picture.


There was a church group having a ‘Dad and Lad’ campout next to us and so the deer decided to go join the Bible Study they had going on.  They paused long enough to treat the little lady to some leftover pancakes.


We decided to do the Nature trail at the park.  This was a good idea for us since most of the trees and plants in this area are new to us.


There are about twenty stops along the boardwalk portion of this trail that provide more details on the surroundings.  The associated brochure did a good job of explaining.

Of course my personal tour guide, Mr. Frericks, had to make sure to impress me with the fact that he at least knew what a saw palmetto was!!




This was something new to us, Christmas Lichen, so named because of its combination green and red color.







This evergreen bush is called a Fetterbush Lyonia which we were luck enough to catch with its spring bell-shapped pink blooms.





Now this skinny little fellow came out to say hello as well.  He’s a yellow rat snake.



It’s interesting to see how he can stretch himself to climb,  but knowing that they like to do that in trees made me a little more observant of what was over us as we continued the walk!!





We went back to the rig for late afternoon toasted cheese and tomato soup and then Ken watched girls softball on TV with his eyes closed while I enjoyed kicking back and reading my book.  We have determined that we should consider buying a screen tent with ‘no-see-um’ mesh.  You just can’t sit outside here in Georgia without being eaten alive by those nasty little sand flies.  I think it would also be nice back in the Mark Twain Lake area of our home turf to be able to sit outside without fighting the ticks and mosquitos.

We grilled chicken out and were both in bed before 10pm, in anticipation of Sunday’s 250 mile trip to Carrabelle, FL.

And so, I’ll leave you with a few more pictures of the lovely spring blooms in Crooked River State Park.

IMG_0020 IMG_0015

Hugs, C

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