Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The ‘RV Men’s Club’ and Visiting Carrabelle

We have never been able to get our cable connection in our motorhome to work. However, in this, our 4th year out, we’ve found it so easy to use the digital antennae TV and/or satellite that it hasn’t been an issue. That doesn’t mean that this hasn’t been an ongoing irritation to Ken since he can’t stand to have something broken that he can’t fix! It just seems to constantly grate on him.

When talking with one of the host couples, they mentioned how good the cablevision was here at the camp. When Ken told them his dilemma.

Lo and behold, Tuesday morning, another of the hosts and resident TV/cable expert, Doug, showed up to help Ken investigate. Before long our neighbor, Leo, was over to assist as well. I get such a kick out of this. I believe as my friend, Char, noted on Facebook, that it is the result of some male RV/tool gene that attracts these guys together under these circumstances. In fact, if the man of the house, doesn’t find just activities enticing, he probably doesn’t belong on the road.


It took about 2 hours of checking and replacing cables and trying different variations of programming before they finally figured out that on our TV there was an oddity of two different input points one for antennae and one for cable and there was only one incoming cable wired in to the antennae port and none to the cable port – arghhh!! Add a cable from the TV back to the box, and we have cable. Sheesh!! But of course all the males considered it a great day – problem solved!

At this point, Ken was ready to get away from the rig for awhile so we drove in to town.


Carrabelle is an coastal fishing town away from crowds and commercialism – no high rise hotels, no traffic.

There is a riverwalk, as shown at left that passes the docks and includes public fish cleaning stations where game fishers will bring in Tarpon, Redfish, Grouper, Snapper, Trout, Cobia to name a few. The convergence of three rivers with the gulf apparently makes this a unique fishing ground for both fresh and saltwater fish.

Some views along the riverwalk…..




Sadly, apparently mostly due to the impact of the economy, there are many, many properties like the one shown here for sale. You get the sense that this is a hidden gem of a potential adult retirement community just waiting to boom.

With all the commotion at the rig earlier in the day, we had not had an organized breakfast and had only a salad at lunchtime, so both of us were ready to find something to eat. We noticed that ‘The Fisherman’s Wife’ was open and, having heard this was a great place to get the freshest shrimp, decided to give it a try.

Notice the golf cart. We’ve noticed that in this very laid back town, the mode of transportation is pretty flexible.



The name here says it all. Behind this makeshift cafe, the husband’s shrimp boat is docked.

For a $20 bill we have a pound of fresh boiled shrimp plus a ‘box’ with fresh lightly fried shrimp, cole slaw, baked beans, fries and hush puppies. We’d definitely recommend this if you just want to pick up tasty, fresh local fare.

I’ll leave you with a picture of Ken’s new favorite way to end the day, sitting and visiting with the fishermen out on the Ho-Hum dock, shaking out the best fish story of the day.


Hugs, C


Jesse, Ginger, Bayer, Buddy, and Mr. B said...

You know, as soon as a woman in a campground has a cramp, all of the other women come running with Motrin and hot water bottles. Must be the gene for

Happytrails said...

Looks like a really nice place...a good place to sit and relax. Enjoy your time at Carrabelle.

Mike & Gerri (

Frerx Adventures said...

Hey, Ginger, cute!! I haven't seen that yet, but you know it was pretty funny how all the ladies were around with paper plates for fanning and ice water when a 'hot flash' hit!!

Hugs, C