Friday, April 23, 2010

Moving??? – and Rainbow Plantation

Ok, in my past life I was a project manager and known for being sometimes OVERLY attentive to planning and detail.

After less than a year away from work, it seems I’m so carefree that I’m totally forgetting what day it is and just sitting enjoying the world when it’s time to move on!

Thursday we woke up to a beautiful sunrise, which is also at low tide.



Thinking tomorrow was moving day, we decided to make it an easy day of doing some general cleanup around the rig and enjoying the lovely Gulf weather at Hohum.

I had just put a batch of wash in the dryer when Ken came to inform me that we were actually suppose to be checking out today according to the front office. For the first time in a long time I pulled out my spreadsheet of overall trip plan and realized, ‘yes’, we were to leave today, not tomorrow….hmmm, just how different have I become to not even pay attention to something like that!!

Well, HoHum was more than happy to have us stay for another night but now I realized it made more sense to go ahead and pack up and move on to Rainbow Plantation especially since Joann and Doug were going to move there today as well and it looked like our weather in Alabama for the weekend was not looking good. Better try to get at least one good weather day in there on Friday.

We made the decision to move at 11:45 and by 12:30 were on the road. The guys at HoHum had recommended that we nix the GPS suggested route and drive through the Apilachicola National Forest to get back to I-10. This was a great suggestion since it was a pretty drive AND there was no traffic so we made very good time.

We did 270 miles with only a brief rest area stop and Ken was feeling much better and comfortable with the long bridges around Pensacola.

Joann and Doug called to let us know that they were in their spot and had requested the spot next to them for us which was very nice of them since we didn’t know if we’d get in before the office closed.

As it turned out, we’d not thought about crossing time zones and so arrived at the office by 4:15, in plenty of time to sign in.

Here we are parked in size # 78. Joann and Doug are the fifth wheel and truck next to us in site #77.


We took some time to set up and sit around talking with Doug and Joann and then the four of us piled in the jeep to go in to Foley for pizza. We went to the Mellow Mushroom, a recommendation from fellow Rv-Dreamer, Jo Wishnie. Thanks so much, Jo, create recommendation and really good pizza with some unique combinations. Ken and I ordered two pizzas knowing we’d have enough for leftovers. We are use to having pizza at least once a week and have not had any since we left on this trip so this was a great ‘fix’ and gives Ken some of his favorite leftover snacks to grab on his midnight refrigerator raids.

Joann invited us over for a piece of homemade Key Lime Pie, a weight watchers recipe that is in the RV-Dreams recipe book. Really awesome and only 3 points…like after all that pizza I was able to keep to points today!!

Ken snapped this picture of Joann, Fillmore and me as we enjoyed the evening with the Dubrouillet family.


Hugs, C

PS. Yes, Unity friends, the dog's name is Fillmore....Joann is a retired Unity Minister!


Jim and Dee said...

I'm so glad you got together. It won't be long we'll be seeing you too. Have fun

Randy and Pam Warner said...

Hi Guys! Thanks for following on The Roadrunner Chronicles. I am glad I found your blog and it will be on my blog roll ASAP.

Looks like you went from one good campground to another!