Sunday, January 23, 2011

Crazy in the Q!

(Boomerville/Quartzsite, AZ) They mentioned at Friday’s happy hour that anyone who would venture in to Quartzsite on the opening day of the ‘Big Tent’ had to be crazy!  Well sign us in!





We started with the usual morning coffee time and  dog walks.  Ken got this picture from the rig of the moon still high in the sky over Quartzsite.


After breakfast, we picked up Paul and Sharon and headed that direction.






We REALLY lucked out and caught someone pulling out of a parking spot close to the main venues.  Parking is definitely not good here.

No matter which way you turned inside the big tent, you were surrounded by a mob of RVers.



Even the outside was getting pretty crowded. 


It was definitely a people-watching day.  I’ve never seen so many dogs in strollers!  Ken and Paul had a few things on their shopping lists but we didn’t have a lot of luck. While there was lots of enticing stuff, we weren’t finding great bargains.  We also decided that today would be a scoping day and then if we say anything we still wanted after we left, we’d come back later in the week when its less crazy.




Here’s Ken with Paul and Sharon.  It was great to share the day with two other people who just enjoyed having the Q experience for the first time.




We had originally intended to leave at lunch to get something to eat but we realized we’d probably be walking a very long way after giving up our good parking spot.  We queued up at different good vendors and paid some outrageous prices for carnie food.  An order of curly fries with your sandwich was $5….but then look at the size of that order….geesh….and this was one potato that we watched him ‘curl’.




The highlight of the day for me was the look on Ken’s face after he finally bought the hat he was after. On his list was a black hat for winter.  He eyed one that would work in a small Mexican booth in the rows of outside vendors but it was marked $90, more than he intended to spend and more than it was worth.  As we were nearing time to leave ‘haggling Ken’ went to work.  I know this is time for my exit so the three of us continued on leaving Ken to play games with this little Mexican guy.  We saw him walk away several times and the little man chase after him.  Finally he came out of the booth with the hat and a smile on his face - $35.  He loves this game and is happy with his hat now too!  I’m told that most of the vendors at Q are not hagglers.  Leave it to Ken to find one.

Ken and I dropped by Too Crazy Ladies to get the ‘Boomers’ tags to add to our Escapees nametags.   

We also found an ice shop on their aisle that was only about half the prices of the silly food costs closer to the tent and Paul treated us all to double dip cones. Thanks, Paul! 


You’ll notice that both Paul and Ken are donning their new hat purchases.  I also picked up a couple visors like Sharon has since they seem to be a necessity with all this sunshine.  Nope, I didn’t get the other guys name but he did a nice job of sharing his table with us and posing for our picture!! 

We were back at Boomerville in time for 4:00 happy hour and announcements and found out that the Boomer group were headed out from our location for the ‘desert bar’ at 10am Sunday.  It just so happens that we had already planned this outing with Molly and Bob  and Donna and Keith so I just messaged them that we’d meet them at the bar.  I’m sure that will be a highlight of tomorrow’s activities.



Ken spent some time at our neighbor Bob Ile’s rig learning to make this cute little whirly gig out of one of his empty Bud Lite cans.

The neat thing about this Boomer’s group is like its the ultimate NO COST rally.  Everyone shares their talents and sets up activities without any cost to the participants.



Ken tried to help Paul and Sharon get their DirecTV dish set up but without any luck.  They have the higher tech HD version and it appears the warning we had received about this being too difficult to work in certain places is true since we are working fine with our non-HD dish.

While Ken was working with them I took a nice shower.  Our water tank still shows full after 5 days so I thought a little indulgence was in order!

Ken and I found an old movie to watch that kept us up until later than normal before yet another long winters nap here in the desert.




Leno said...

Oh my, don't think we could handle those crowds.. At least Ken got his hat, very nice!
Can't wait to hear about this Desert Bar.. Sounds fun.

Jim and Dee said...

Now that's our kind of fun. I can't wait to hear more details when we see you! What fun!

Debbie Goode said...

Two many people for me...but you guys look to be enjoying your time there. The hats are awesome guys!